Wednesday, 5 May 2010

It's been a funny week here at Rowanspatch. . . . but I thought I'd share these pictures with you, then I must get back to pulling wallpaper off the walls. I know how to have fun!
Newly 'hatched' , caterpillar like bracken, uncurling before my eyes . . . .
The darling , baby buds of Apple blossom.
Lost in the fairy world again, such perfect, fleeting magic . . . .my most favourite flower , the Bluebell.

Talk about "every picture tells a story"!
I don't know what mischief Rowan had been involved in but the dirty nose and guilty look tell me somethings up. . . . and why does she think I can't see her behind those Bluebells?
Imagine having to pull myself away from the bluebells to tackle the decorating of my sitting room?Well, never mind . . . . I'm going off to deepest Shropshire for a couple of days with the lovely ladies of the Marches Embroiderers Guild.
Looking forward to it so much, see you soon! x