Sunday, 11 April 2010

I love Angels and I've been finding lots of them lately.

Here . . .. . . . . . in the churchyard of Patrishow church, set in a most magical valley not far from Abergavenny.

Here . . . . .

and here, inside the pretty church at Cwmyoy , set in another magical Welsh valley.

This is Cwmyoy (pronounced cumyoy, if that helps at all!) church.
The land on which the building sits has, over the centuries, been prone to landslips and so the little church is all this way and that. No two bits of it are at right angles to the next.
What a delight to discover these remote and beautiful places and it's all thanks to a lovely lady I met some years ago at Stroud Embroiderers Guild. (Have a look at her blog 'Hippopip')
After she had listened to a talk I gave she came to a workshop the next day and gave me a wonderful book.
It's called 'The Celtic Christian Sites of the Central and Southern Marches'. by Sarah and John Zaluckyj.
Now, I know that title doesn't slip easily off the tongue but if 'church crawling' is your thing. . . or you just love a treasure hunt, then you will love this book as much as I do!
It has been so good to get out in the sunshine , I've done a fair bit of travelling around lately, met some new friends at the Embroiderers Guilds at Solihull and at Oswestry.
I'm working on some pieces for an exhibition at Ledbury in the summer, here's a page from my sketch book.
I'm trying to clothe the guardians of the Holy Wells on the Malvern Hills . . . . wish me luck!

Lots of positive things have been happening, must be the Spring, or the Angels at work.
Mike has got his job back. Such a relief after a very bleak winter.
My son Nick and his partner, Josi are expecting a baby in August. I don't think I've ever seen two people so excited at the prospect of becoming parents!
This last picture slipped down and should have been with the welsh ones above.
It shows a remarkable Yew tree at Bettws Newydd, near Usk.
It's huge and reported to be about 4000 years old.
The whole place is remarkable, there is even a connection to King Arthur!


Dolores said...

Lovely photos. I especially like the tree. Congratulations to the upcoming new parents.

Clare Wassermann said...

Thank you for a lovely post.

Laura said...

Beautiful photos! I've always wanted to go to Wales. One of my Great Grandfather's was born there.

Congratulations on all the good things coming to you. That is wonderful news.

femminismo said...

4,000 years old!? Oh, my! And the tombstone with the lovely background? Is there nothing around you that isn't wonderful? I hope not. So happy to hear of Mike getting his job back and the baby due. This is the kind of life I wish for you for many days - sunny and full of love and contentment.

Thimble Fingers said...

Your photo of the headstones with the hills behind is just serene and beautiful ... love how you've used the angels as inspiration.
I enjoy reading about peoples travels and days out especially to such interesting and historical places, thank you for sharing.
Congratulations too for your future grandchild, how lovely.

annette emms said...

Dolores - Thank you . That tree was so special. Imagine, it has seen everything!x

Claire - Thank you for your support. I hope you and your family are well.Hope to see you again when I visit Wolverhampton in the Autumn.x

Laura - Thank you! You ought to come and visit Wales, You are after all, part Welsh ! I can tell from looking at your blog that you would love it's mystery. x

Femminismo - Bless you for your kind words!
That picture with the tombstones shows a glimpse of the beauty, I wish I could have added the sound of the birds and the laughing water rushing past in the valley below.

I'm afraid there is much that is not lovely in my world, I just try really hard not to see it!x

Thimble Fingers - Thank you so much.
Just think what that tree has seen! x

Heather said...

Lovely post - I love those weathered ancient headstones and the dear little church. Your sketch book pages are very inspirational. What a fantastic old tree - wonderful shapes and textures there.

art-upfront said...

Hello there Annette. Judith here. I once attended yourfairy shoes workshop at blue ginger. (i think it may have been one of the first) and also a book wrap one. Im part of art-upfront but have since moved to WQhitby in north Yorkshire. Its great to see what you have been up to. We have some lovely angels on the stones in St marys up bu the Abbey atop the 199 steps. Keep in touch. XXX

Firefly said...

Beautiful photos! Love the angels and gorgeous Welsh countryside. I'm dying to go to Wales -- someday I hope.
Brightest blessings,

annette emms said...

Heather - Bless you for that! Hope you're well.x

Judith - Of course I remember you! I hope the B and B is going well.
The Abbey sounds amazing.

Firefly - thank you so much, you're very kind.x

sandra said...

love your fairy shoes and your whole blog. wonderful textures in your work. Nice imaginations.
Sandra in Maine