Thursday, 21 January 2010

Snow's gone. . . .

Snow's gone, but I've been playing . . . . .

Thursday, 7 January 2010

'Lonely White Fields'

There's a poem by Mary Oliver, called 'Lonely White Fields'.
I read it again today and it seemed to fit with how I'm feeling and with the unexpectedly enchanting, beautiful ,snow covered world around me. . . .

The poem begins. . .
"Every night,
the Owl,
with his white monkey face
calls through the black branches

and the mice freeze
and the rabbits shiver
in the snowy fields . . . . .

it ends

at daybreak,
as though everything had been done
that must be done, the fields
swell with a rosy light
and the snow keeps falling
flake after perfect flake."

Walking through the snowy fields this morning, we could see all sorts of animal prints and I thought again of the Owl with his 'White monkey face' . . . .

This one was a bit unexpected, Polar bears in Worcestershire?

I needed a new cover for my Gratitude Journal, here's a scan of my afternoon's efforts. There's a photo of one of Grandad Ernests ladies, printed onto fabric, some rubber stamping, scraps of lace and bits of dyed fabric, all sort of 'cobbled' together. The colours are muted creams and pinks.
The first entry in my new gratitude journal will be for my boots. My beautiful (to me), new leather Ugg boots. All cosily lined with sheepskin and finished underneath with thick, chunky tread, to stop me slipping and sliding around.