Thursday, 27 August 2009

Wye valley and Hole in the Wall amongst other things!

I'm sorry I've been 'absent' for a while. . . you know what it's like, everything happens at once!
Our exhibition in Ledbury went very well, lots of visitors and a few sales, in spite of the financial situation.
Above, is a picture one of my pieces in the exhibition, 'The Snow of the Blossoming May'.

Big excitement for me this week. My film is now on Just Hands .

Jennie Rayment and Valerie Nesbit came to film me in July and I'm so pleased with the edited version! Mind you, It's very strange to see yourself on film and I do feel like I'm watching someone else , pretending to be me!

Do have a look at the site, there are lots of goodies, including free tasters.

Mike and I haven't done our usual 'gallivanting' this year, but, we did manage a few days on the banks of the beautiful river Wye earlier this month.

We stayed at a pretty spot called 'Hole in the Wall'.

This area , around Ross on Wye, is where my Dad came from and we came here as children for summer picnics. Dad was a born storyteller and would weave magical stories for us ,of his childhood. . . gathering mushrooms and cooking them on a campfire, being chased by a bull , all accompanied by his lovely descriptions of the landscape.

Sunset over the river Wye
We had some lovely walks and made some most surprising discoveries. . . .

At Holme Lacy , pretty gardens , somewhat overgrown , but so beautiful and all supervised by a number of very friendly Peacocks.
This 'mossy' lady stands in part of the gardens at How Caple Court. They are delightful, especially if you go for the 'distressed' look!

The owners are trying to return the grounds to their former Edwardian glory, I rather like it as it is. Last but not least, the lovely church at Brockhampton by Ross. What treasure here!
The church was built in 1902, in the Arts and Crafts style. Did you notice the thatched roof?

The view from the church takes in a lovely valley leading down to the distant river Wye, perfect.
Inside , either side of the alter are two huge tapestries by Edward Burne-Jones.

The choir stalls are carved with wild flowers and it was these flowers which inspired a most wonderful gift to the church. . . . In the 1960s , an anonymous lady gave a gift of the most beautiful embroideries. She had made Hymn book covers and seat cushions and an alter frontal, all covered with wild flowers , beautifully stitched.

She also left a manuscript of a book all about Wayside flowers and country remedies. The PCC have recently had it made into a book called 'Stitches in Time' which you can buy in the church.

The hymn books still have their embroidered covers, the cushions still provide comfort for the congregation, 50 years later.

What a thoughtful, beautiful gift. I was really touched by the story.