Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Fairy Glen

Come with me please, for a quick stroll through Fairy Glen.
We need to imagine ourselves far away, in the northern parts of the Isle of Skye, near Uig.

The trees are all native species, Rowan and silver Birch, but somehow different. . . bent and stunted to fit neatly into this strange miniature landscape.

Fairy sized, conical hills appear . . .

with miniature lochs and a twisting lane. . . .

The sun was so warm and I was tempted to sit a while and snooze, something told me it might not be safe to do so. . .

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Busy days

It's nearly two weeks now, since my trip to Stourbridge, had a good day with old friends.
We made concertina books and boxes to keep them safe.

We tried lots of different ways to transfer images onto fabric, you can see some lovely experiments here.

A couple of days before my trip to Stourbridge, I had major excitement , when Jenny Rayment and Valerie Nesbitt came to film me and my work for their new website

We filmed in the new kitchen, hope no one notices that the walls are still bare plaster, with the odd rude comment left by the builder, bless him.

I must admit it was a fascinating experience, everyone was so kind, I hope it all turns out OK. .

My textile group, Group Purple are putting up our exhibition on Sunday, can't believe how quickly it's come around.

Please come and say hello if you're in these parts, we'd love to meet you.

The exhibition is at 'The Weavers Gallery' Church Lane, Ledbury. from 20 - 26th July.Open every day from 10.00 - 4.00.

Hope to see you there.x