Saturday, 17 January 2009

Telling Stories to the Trees

This wonderful print arrived in the post today. I absolutely love it!
It's called 'Telling Stories to the Trees'.

It came from Rima who is currently living the most marvelous adventure. Please pop along to The Hermitage and see for yourself the wonders that this very talented lady has to offer, you'll also get a peep into her journey with her partner Tui. Have fun.

Bless you Rima, I enjoy every minute I spend at The Hermitage and I shall put my print in a frame and place it above my computer so that I can see it while I work, to remind me of the magic. . .

Next, as it has been so beautifully cold here, I thought The Fairy Queen might need a new winter cloak. . .

Fashioned with silk fibres, finest owl feathers and a little . . . , well, that would be telling.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

How I would love a clock made of owl feathers and secrets! It is lovely.

And lucky you for having an original Rima!! That is one of my favourites of her drawings!!

femminismo said...

For a cloak like this I might almost want to spend eternity 2 feet high and living in the woods. That is where the fairy queen lives, isn't it? Love the picture of "telling stories to the trees." I'll go poke around at The Hermitage now. jeanne in Oregon

Hermes said...

I love that print how cleverly done. Must read her story.

Pat said...

The cloak is exquisite and thank you for the link to the Hermitage.

Arija said...

Thank you Annette, I've been looking for monthe for Rima's blog. I could not remember where I had found it or what it was called.

Your faerie cloak is a drem!

annette emms said...

Pamela - I agree, Rima's work is amazing!

Jaenne - I think you may be right, the woods must be her home. I think I'll join you there!

Hermes - take a cup of coffee and your lunch with you, there's so much to feast upon!

Pat - thanks! Have fun at the Hermitage, it's full of wonders.

Arija - glad to be of help! Have fun at Rimas.x

Rima said...

Hello Annette... wow what sweet words about my blog and work.. thank you so much! I am glad the print arrived safe and sound and happy that it will be enjoyed :)
A wonderful fairy cloak too... aren't owl feathers particularly lovely :)
Always lovely to visit here too..
Take care x

lynne h said...

annette! what do i like better -- the fairy cloak or the print? impossible! they're both perfectly magical!! xxoo

Blue Muse said...

The print is wonderful -- lucky you to look upon it everyday!

I'm with Pamela - a cloak of owl feathers and secrets is beyond lovely!

I'm off to see Rima and her adventure.

xo Isa

Chris said...

I love your new garment!!! Those lucky fairy maids. And so do enjoy traveling with Rima and Tui. I wonder how many of us have a sense of that gypsy spirit?

Heather said...

The Fairy Queen will be delighted with her cloak - it looks so delicate yet warming at the same time. I love the print by Rima and will go over to the Hermitage as you suggest, right away. Thankyou for sharing yet more gorgeous goodies with us.

acornmoon said...

I love this cloak, I wish I could see it in more detail! I want to click and enlarge the image and see it in close up.

The Hermitage is a fantastic blog, I am a fan also.

Jo Horswill said...

Truly a beautiful print! Thanks for the amazing link to The Hermitage...OH the life some people live...does that cloak come in a size "big" ?

Lynn said...

Annette -- I discovered your beautiful blog via Mibsy at Classical Calling, and I look forward to settling in to enjoy it! Thanks, too, for showing us Rima's work -- I am positively spellbound and have just popped over the etsy to purchase a print as a Valentine's gift for my sweetheart. Have a happy week!

annette emms said...

Rima - May the road rise up to meet you. . .x

Lynne - thank you , I must admit my eyes have hardly left 'telling stories to the trees' since it arrived!

Isa - wish I'd made that cloak in my size. . . Can you imagine the looks in the supermarket?!

Chris - yes, I agree, I think I must have gypsy in my past too.x

Heather - thank you so much. Hope all is well with you.x

Valerie - sorry about that, I haven't mastered the technology to make all the pictures'clickable'. Glad you enjoyed looking though!

Jo - shall I make one for both of us? Now wouldn't that cause a stir. . .x

Lynn - how lovely to meet you and thank you for your kind words.

Gwen Buchanan said...

The work of Two wonderful imaginative artists together... so complimentary too... fairies, owl feathers, woods... I can imagine a The Fairy Queen dressed in her finest cloak sitting on the other side of Rima's fire or perhaps perched in one of the trees enthralled by this tale...

Kim said...

Now THAT'S a most wondrous cloak for the Faerie , it's really lovely! And congratulations on the Rima print - I enjoy her blog too , *s*.

annette emms said...

Gwen - now you've got me going . . there's a story in there , hmmm I need to go back to the woods. ..xx

Kim - Hi! thanks for that. Hope you're ok.x

Robyn said...

There's magic in the air. Rima's work is so enchanting and your cloak is fit for a queen.

Jolly Good Yarn Girl said...

Thank you for the link to Rima's site - I think it's wondeerful to read - it really takes me out of myself and I find myself imagining her life whilst standing over the cooker or cleaning the rabbit hutch - it takes the pain away!

flyinamber said...

thank you for visiting me!
the blogosphere is one good place:so glad to meet you,Annette!
it seems we both love similar things:old trees,old houses,old churches,frosted spiderwebs..I like everything here!
Rowan seems one cute guy..
apologise because my english is not very good..
I'll visit you again!
greetings from Croatia!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful work Annette... and you're just up the road from me too! (I'm in cheltenham)

Off to Rima's...

queenlint1 said...


I absolutely LOVE this glorious little bit of fluff!! I think you need to make a whole series of these for the fey folk!!

I once made an owl cape with an owl headpiece as a commission for a church group. It had feathered wings and the headpiece had a beak and eyes that fell over the face.

This diminutive fashion garment looks like it has about the same amount of work as my full sized one!


annette emms said...

Robyn - You are right, Rima's work is just amazing!

Jollygoodyarngirl - I know just what you mean! I've got a bad case of wanderlust right now!

Dada - thanks for dropping by, I loved my visit to your place too!

wanderingjasmine - oh how nice to meet you, we're almost neighbours!Thanks for the nice comments.x

Dina - why thank you honey! I'm working on it. . .!xx

Vita said...

I've been a long time fan of Rima. She is an amazing amazing artist, person and an extrodinary inspiration to me! I am so proud to have a few of her prints and to know that one of my drawings hangs in her house;)

Heather said...

What a lovely print, right up my alley, VBG! I will have to visit her blog.

I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment on your little shoes post, so I have to use this post instead.

I have visited your blog a few times from another blog - your little slippers are fantastically adorable! I myself am a fairy fanatic!

You have now been tagged for 6 Picture Meme... check out the details at my blog:

Have fun!