Sunday, 4 January 2009

Magical days.

I often feel that time behaves rather strangely in the days between Christmas and New Year.

It's almost surreal, the wheel of the year has turned but we need a few, special, magical days to adjust and move on.
I love these days.
We have had some lovely, cold and sunny days; days to escape into the woods and walk off the chocolate and the Christmas pud. . . .
I met some wonderful trees in the parkland at Hanbury Hall and the nearby Doderhill nature reserve.

This Yew stands very proudly in the pasture woodland of the reserve, definitely got the magic. . . it was warm to my touch. . .

The cupola on the roof of Hanbury Hall.

Very vocal ducks on the woodland pond.

On New Years' day , Incey Wincey had been busy as well as Mr. Frost.
I am so pleased . . that I saw this before my face hit it.

The fields where I walk Rowan were transformed. The very familiar pond, fields and trees looked and felt strange and enchanted.
We slipped and stumbled all over the place. . . what fun!
Magic everywhere.

I think I need to get some Welly warmers for my poor frozen feet. By the time we got home my feet were sooooooo cold. I could also do with finishing the pair of socks I started knitting last year. . .
Apart from walking and eating and sleeping, I've been making a strange, three legged rabbit for Phoebe (If only I could discipline myself to read the instructions first. . .)and some decorations for next Christmas .Well, I didn't have time before, so my plan is to get ahead of the game. . . . don't worry , it won't last.
This weekend, to my joy, we had the company of some very dear friends.
For them and my family , for all the opportunities that pass this way, for all the friends I've made through my blog, I am so grateful and I would like to wish you all ,many blessings as the new year begins.

Good night!


Heather said...

What truly magical pictures you have shared with us. Those trees are wonderful - I wouldn't like to live in a landscape without trees.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Annette, this is not merely a magical world you inhabit... it is Superfantastical!!!

Hope your toes don't get too cold... What do you suppose that Incey Wincey is using to keep her warm? fairy shoes and a sweater knit of spider webs... wouldn't that be fun!

such surroundings... I soak them in... I'm so glad you share them...
I wish you, Rowan, your family and those magnificent trees, a very Happy New Year and lots of new adventures!!!

Pat said...

What a great set of photographs, I feel we are getting a proper winter don't you? My particular favourite thing in weather like this is when the trees go black against the sky as the sun sets.

Jacky said...

Beautiful post, what magical photos and I love those trees you met (I have a thing for trees and those are beautiful). And, the cupola is a work of art.
What lovely, crisp winter photos.

Penny said...

What magic photos, here it is getting warmer and all my walks are on the beach, family visiting so no time for me, yet, but it is a delight to have them and there will be lots more me time I hope.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ah, you've been walking through a wonderland, haven't you? I would love to have my studion inside that cupola at Hanbury Hall.

My Mother's Garden said...

Annette, what a touching post. I could weep at the beauty and majesty of the first two tree photos.

Many blessings~


lynne h said...

oh, annette... i'm smiling a big smile here. yes, that was quite the magical, timeless week, wasn't it?

all of these images are beautiful, but the one that speaks to me the most is the one of the yew. what a beauty! i had no idea they grew to be so large! how old do you think it is? and the tree in the top photo looks like an oak... what a grand being it is... you must've loved meeting it.

many blessings to you in this new year, sweet woman.

Hermes said...

Wonderful pictures, what a good eye you have. Does look very cold though.

Arija said...

From the dessicating heat of our summer I am transported into a faerie land of magical trees, cold toes (tiddely pom) and crackling cobwebs, of moon and sun shining by day and Rowan dogs slip sliding with mistress in tow over a frosty landscapes.
Thank you for the magic carpet ride!

Danielle Barlow said...

I know I have said this before, but I'll say it again - your photography is stunning! I have loved this Christmas of still, freezing weather. Such a change from rain and gloom!

Blue Muse said...

Just absolutely beautiful. Beyond beautiful, actually. :)

xo Isa

annette emms said...

Heather - thank you , you are very kind. I admit I am a little obsessed by trees!

Gwen - you are so welcome! I always enjoy your company. .
I think Incey might have needed those little socks my French friend sent as well!

Pat - thanks, nice to see you! It's so much easier to enjoy this time of year when it's not wet and grey!

Jackie - thanks, it was so cold though! I've only just thawed out . . .

Penny - I am so envious of those lovely walks along the beach, in the sun!

Pamela - would you mind sharing the cupola? You have one window, I'll have the other!x

Karrita - thank you. The Yew tree in Particular was very special.

Lynne - Hi! I'm smiling back at you. . .
The Yew tree can live for thousands of years, I think that one is probably several hundred years old. I read somewhere that you can estimate the age by measuring it's trunk. . .
I have a photo somewhere of the Yew at Much Marcle, reported to be at least 2,000 years old. Now where did I put it. . .

Hermes - thanks, I must get on and finish those warm socks!brrrr!

Arija - a Happy New Year to you my friend. Glad I provided some amusement!
I am so envious of your sunshine, but I wasn't made for a hot climate so I guess I'll have to stay cold.x

Danieele - you are so right, wonderful weather! I'm finding it hard now, to knuckle down to work. . .perhaps just one more frosty walk.

Isa - many thanks, I must say, I think your world looks pretty wonderful too!

Chris said...

Oh the beauty you find in your magical world! I wonder what fairy family lives amongst those ancient trees?

femminismo said...

Did the ewe tree really feel warm? Oh, what magical photos. The first huge tree just made me think you had painted it! I watched "Sense and Sensibility" this past weekend, and it looks something like what the two sisters might have walked out to see. Lovely, lovely! And how do you get the rounded corners? Is it Photoshop? jeanne in Oregon

Jo Horswill said...

Annette...So much beauty. Yes and "magic" too.
Happy New Year to you too Annette...looking forward to visiting here in 09. Jo xx

queenlint1 said...


I had a friend who has passed that took the most amazing photographs. It was his profession when he left the Franciscans after 25 plus years.

He would talk to the nature spirits and ask them to guide him to the most amazing images. And they did. His photographs were on calenders and in magazines. His biggest giggle was that each and every one of those images had faces hidden in them.

I just realized that some of yours do as well! I'm prone to vulcanize images, but check out your images more closely, like the two imps expressing surprize at the very bottom left of your last cattail pic.

I LOVE your photos!


annette emms said...

Chris - Oh, if only I could see them!

Jeanne - You're very kind, trees are such a lovely subject to photograph.
Yes, the Yew tree really was warm to touch.I think I may be a bit weird in this respect (and more probably) , I always want to touch things and am often startled by the response I get, whether it's a huge stone that makes my hand tingle or a tree like that Yew. I suspect it must be something to do with the 'energy' of the subject, but I just call it magic!
The rounded edges are ttv frames (through the viewfinder) and there is a link to a tutorial on Lynne Hoppe's blog on my sidebar. Have fun!x

Jo - thank you! It is so good to wiz around the world , visiting friends. I still have trouble taking in the fact that you are all sizzling in your summer while we shiver. This feeble brain get get it somehow!

Dina - Wow! How do I answer this? Hmmm. . . .Firstly, thank you my dear friend for your encouragement for my many quirks and foibles.
i love the sound of your late friend, the Franciscan.
What happens when you vulcanize an image? Sounds scary.
I really am just a 'point and click' merchant with my camera, and Rowan often finds my subjects for me!
Now, those imps,after enlarging the image I could see something. . . perhaps worth investigation, what do you think?

Nan said...

The pictures and your words were perfect. Thank you so much.

annette emms said...

Nan - bless you, you are welcome!x

Tammie Lee said...

What a lovely grouping of images. I feel as though I went on a walk with you. The trees are amazing. Plus those fairy slippers on your header,,, pure magic!

amyrehnae said...

This is my first time visiting...but it won't be my last! What beauty you live in! And what beauty lives in you! I am learning to embrace the down times, especially this time...the after Christmas, New Year blah time..and turn it into growth and rebirth. I stand in awe at you who know already to just be still and go with the flow during this time. But I am learning...slowly!

annette emms said...

Tammie Lee- I'm so pleased that you came, It was great to have your company.x

amyrehnae - thank you very much for your kind words. I'm so pleased that you came.x