Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year Wishes

I stepped out into the garden this evening and saw this wonderful moon. . . . . she is so beautiful it sent shivers down my spine.
I love the moon, in all her many guises, but full and wintry, I think is my favourite.

As the old year draws to an end I wanted to send this message to all my blog friends,

"May 2010 bring good health and good fortune , may we all live quietly in peace and without fear."

Couldn't resist sharing two of my lovely Christmas memories. . . .

A thoughtful gift from my mum in law, plumpious, succulent clementines from sunny Spain.

Time spent with my family. If only every real baby were held as tenderly as this . . . . XXX

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Christmas!

Christmas Eve sunset near Malvern. Happy Christmas everyone.XXX

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Shoes for the Christmas Fairy

This picture was sent to me by the lovely and very talented Catherine Ronan. Her work is exquisite.
I was thrilled to see the shoes she had made , from my pattern, for the 'Christmas Fairy'.
Aren't they just perfect?
Catherine is a member of 'Stitchin Fingers' and you can see so much more of her work there.

This 'cool' lady appears on one of a set of four stained glass panels called, appropriately, 'The Four Seasons'.
They were made by Charles Francis Blakeman in 1948. He lived and worked for a time in Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire and examples of his amazing work can be seen in the Court Barn Museum.
I'm hoping to do some workshops there next year, it's well worth a visit, so full of atmosphere and inspiration.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A bit of help needed from the 'Garden Fairies'

Just a bit of help needed from this 'Garden Fairy', it's been so wet and our building work in the kitchen has revealed a 'damp' problem. . . . . . .

No matter, it's all fixed now, just had to dig up half the garden and lower it down a bit. Why does fixing one problem often lead to making another?

So . . . . being a bit horticulturaly challenged anyway, help from this fairy is definitely needed!

She's not finished yet, whatever she's sprinkling has yet to materialise!

Last week I went to Stroud Embroiderers Guild , we had a lovely day while it poured with rain and blew gales outside , we got down and messy inside.

The workshop was making 'A book in a Box' and here are a few of the marvellous things that appeared

Rowan has been taking me on loads of long walks, she loves the wind and the rain. Just as well really!
Her favourite trick just lately is to roll in fox poo or something else equally stinky, just before we get home. Try as I will, I can't see what the attraction is???

This is a favourite walk at Malvern, the hills in the background and Mum's house just around the corner.

Remember I said Rachael and her family were going to have some new additions?
Well here they are, two delightful Welsh ponies.

Lots of hard work and fun ahead, methinks!

They're doing really well, after just two weeks , coming up to us and wanting a fuss! Phoebe is so excited, three kids together .

Sunday, 8 November 2009

The last few plums.

My daughter and her family have purchased some land, about 3 acres in all, mostly old orchard.
It's wonderful, so quiet and peaceful, with evidence all around of little creatures and feathered things. . .
I found these last few plums, still good to eat.

There's quite a lot of work to be done, dead wood to be burnt, wonderful bonfire fuel. . . .

In a week or so, two new additions to the family will move into their new home.Two Welsh pony foals. . . . I can hardly wait and Phoebe has already chosen their names.
I promised some pictures of some of my students work and here they are.
Some are from Hereford and some from Bromsgrove 'Bookwraps' workshops, all, are I'm sure you will agree, fascinating and original work.

I hope that these talented ladies will send some pictures of the finished articles!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Autumn Mirrors.

I've spent a lot of time lately with reflections, both in my head and my camera.
What a wonderful Autumn we're having here in the U.K., and to make it even better, my dear friend came to visit for a few days, she drove all the way from the Jura region in France, bless her!
We walked in the Forest of Dean with the birds and the sunshine.

Rowan swam in the ponds and tried her best to spoil my mirror pictures.

I cheated with this one, it's upside down of course. . . . .

I love this bright and watery world.

In Bath we strolled around , window shopped , ate afternoon tea and talked. We had a years worth of talking to catch up on. . . . . . .

Some more reflections . . .

In the Rococo gardens at Painswick. A birthday walk with friends.

Beautiful babies at Forde Abbey in Somerset.

My early morning stroll with Rowan , along the river Avon.
I must try to get back into a routine with my blog, I've got some lovely pictures of my students work for next time ....... x

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Wye valley and Hole in the Wall amongst other things!

I'm sorry I've been 'absent' for a while. . . you know what it's like, everything happens at once!
Our exhibition in Ledbury went very well, lots of visitors and a few sales, in spite of the financial situation.
Above, is a picture one of my pieces in the exhibition, 'The Snow of the Blossoming May'.

Big excitement for me this week. My film is now on Just Hands .

Jennie Rayment and Valerie Nesbit came to film me in July and I'm so pleased with the edited version! Mind you, It's very strange to see yourself on film and I do feel like I'm watching someone else , pretending to be me!

Do have a look at the site, there are lots of goodies, including free tasters.

Mike and I haven't done our usual 'gallivanting' this year, but, we did manage a few days on the banks of the beautiful river Wye earlier this month.

We stayed at a pretty spot called 'Hole in the Wall'.

This area , around Ross on Wye, is where my Dad came from and we came here as children for summer picnics. Dad was a born storyteller and would weave magical stories for us ,of his childhood. . . gathering mushrooms and cooking them on a campfire, being chased by a bull , all accompanied by his lovely descriptions of the landscape.

Sunset over the river Wye
We had some lovely walks and made some most surprising discoveries. . . .

At Holme Lacy , pretty gardens , somewhat overgrown , but so beautiful and all supervised by a number of very friendly Peacocks.
This 'mossy' lady stands in part of the gardens at How Caple Court. They are delightful, especially if you go for the 'distressed' look!

The owners are trying to return the grounds to their former Edwardian glory, I rather like it as it is. Last but not least, the lovely church at Brockhampton by Ross. What treasure here!
The church was built in 1902, in the Arts and Crafts style. Did you notice the thatched roof?

The view from the church takes in a lovely valley leading down to the distant river Wye, perfect.
Inside , either side of the alter are two huge tapestries by Edward Burne-Jones.

The choir stalls are carved with wild flowers and it was these flowers which inspired a most wonderful gift to the church. . . . In the 1960s , an anonymous lady gave a gift of the most beautiful embroideries. She had made Hymn book covers and seat cushions and an alter frontal, all covered with wild flowers , beautifully stitched.

She also left a manuscript of a book all about Wayside flowers and country remedies. The PCC have recently had it made into a book called 'Stitches in Time' which you can buy in the church.

The hymn books still have their embroidered covers, the cushions still provide comfort for the congregation, 50 years later.

What a thoughtful, beautiful gift. I was really touched by the story.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Fairy Glen

Come with me please, for a quick stroll through Fairy Glen.
We need to imagine ourselves far away, in the northern parts of the Isle of Skye, near Uig.

The trees are all native species, Rowan and silver Birch, but somehow different. . . bent and stunted to fit neatly into this strange miniature landscape.

Fairy sized, conical hills appear . . .

with miniature lochs and a twisting lane. . . .

The sun was so warm and I was tempted to sit a while and snooze, something told me it might not be safe to do so. . .

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Busy days

It's nearly two weeks now, since my trip to Stourbridge, had a good day with old friends.
We made concertina books and boxes to keep them safe.

We tried lots of different ways to transfer images onto fabric, you can see some lovely experiments here.

A couple of days before my trip to Stourbridge, I had major excitement , when Jenny Rayment and Valerie Nesbitt came to film me and my work for their new website

We filmed in the new kitchen, hope no one notices that the walls are still bare plaster, with the odd rude comment left by the builder, bless him.

I must admit it was a fascinating experience, everyone was so kind, I hope it all turns out OK. .

My textile group, Group Purple are putting up our exhibition on Sunday, can't believe how quickly it's come around.

Please come and say hello if you're in these parts, we'd love to meet you.

The exhibition is at 'The Weavers Gallery' Church Lane, Ledbury. from 20 - 26th July.Open every day from 10.00 - 4.00.

Hope to see you there.x

Monday, 29 June 2009

Lincoln Embroiderers

Things have been really hectic around here just lately , everything happens at once. I don't know if it's my time management skills at fault or maybe just life. . . .

Anyway I had a great weekend away as the guest of Lincoln Bailgate Embroiderers Guild .
They made me so welcome , a lovely group, and very talented too. Have a look at the current issue of Stitch magazine, there's an article on their beautiful work based on an old manuscript.

We were making Fairy shoes, a lovely day of stitching and laughter .

Lucky Fairy who gets this pair. . . . .

They 'morphed' from this before my eyes!

Before long all these appeared.
It's great to see all the imaginative ways that these little shoes evolve.

I made sure that I had time to visit Lincoln Cathedral, what treasure there!

I just had to show a few more holiday pics.

Here's Rowan being Queen of the Castle on one of the little islands at Sandaig, Gavin Maxwell's 'Camusfearna'.

It's a magical place, quite a strange atmosphere and you can just imagine the otters playing .

The hills in the picture are on the island of Skye. Seen here wearing a fluffy, cloud hat.

Lastly, we sat one evening, watching the sun set in the north of Skye. The ridge of islands in the distance is the Outer Hebrides and sea mist rolled back and forth between.
It was so beautiful and I fell completely in love with this amazing island and it's people.