Thursday, 18 December 2008

Weaver of Words.

Some special things have happened to me just lately and I wanted to share them with you. . . .

Some time ago the lovely Dina Kerik, ( from Deepwater Journal ) kindly asked if she could write an article for the Journal, about me!
Now, Dina is a true 'Weaver of Words' and 'Stitcher of Dreams' and I am honoured that she should want to do this. If you would like to read her words, please pop over here !

Thank you Dina!

The next few pictures show the village of Broadway, I took them while doing a little 'light Christmas shopping' in my lunch hour.

The Lygon Arms

Last week, the village playgroup came to the Library for story time. I enjoy this so much, the children are delightful and we have lots of fun. This occasion however, was special.

The children surprised me, they came in costume and gave a performance of their Nativity play, just for me! (Well, and anyone else who happened to be in the Library!)

Their little innocent faces as they sang will stay in my memory for a long time. Bless them.

'Journey of the Magi' 13th. century missal from the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York.

'Christmas Eve' by V E Starkova 1979

As you can tell, I'm in full festive mood so while it lasts, I'll tell you about some dancing birds. .

Yesterday, I was walking Rowan, who was not in my good books . . . it's a good thing that she's pretty. Little minx had decided to write her Christmas cards while I was out, but obviously got bored with that and chewed them up instead, along with numerous other things including my diary!

Anyway, we were way over the fields, a large part of which now resemble a lake , when I noticed a lot of twittering and kerfuffle coming from some nearby Silver Birch trees.

The trees had their feet in the water and were full of dancing Long Tailed Tits.

They are such sweet little birds always rushing around , twittering and calling to each other. There must have been 12 or more of them, I couldn't count them as they performed their delicate 'ballet' .

Tumbling pirouettes through the lower branches, never quite touching the water , casting the most beautiful reflections ( why didn't I have my camera?) loop the loops and games of tag went on for ages, secretly watched by me and Rowan.

Then of course reality returns and I have to leg it back home because somehow an hour has disappeared and I'm going to be late for work . . . .


Arija said...

Annettte, your life lately is so full of wonderful events, well, with a few surprises thanks to Rowan. When I first saw it, I thought that first village scene was a painting. Just too, too beautiful.
Thank you for sharing all this wonder in your world.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Annette... this top photo looks like a painting with the aerial perspective.. I had to look at it several times to tell the difference...

So sorry for the mischief that occurred.. I can sympathize ... some pups, mine included, follow their whims just a little too far.. gotta love them tho...

wouldn't it be fun to think we were both watching playful flocks of birds yesterday at exactly the same time and relishing the beauty of them.. small world! take care!

Jolly Good Yarn Girl said...

Oooh Broadway looks delectable - I have been twice - once when the children were very little just before Christmas and I remember we went into a lovely toy shop with lots of wooden toys and stocking fillers. Is it still there?
And once we had a grown up night away with some friends at the Lyggen (sp?) Arms and ate some of the best food I have ever had.
You have reminded me to come back!!

Nan said...

Annette, your pictures and descriptions of your life so hearten those of us who have exactly this image of England in our heads and hearts. It's been nearly seventeen years since we've been there, and likely won't be back, but we did see such towns. But now, the media talks so much of gangs and violence and pubs being taken over by chains - on and on and on. I am learning to get my England/Wales/Scotland/Ireland information from blogs only. You all live there. Thank you, thank you. It's funny - just before coming here, I was at Geranium Cat's Bookshelf telling her I still have my childhood copy of Anne of Windy Poplars (Willows over there) and I remembered our late dog in her dotage eating up the cover.

annette emms said...

Arija - you are most welcome! Thank you, for all the 'down-under' beauty that you share with us.

Gwen - I'm sure that we were both watching birds at the same time, what fun indeed. You are often with me as I walk.
Broadway is such a pretty place and the road you can see in the picture is quiet now, it was once the main road to London. Thank heavens for the by-pass!

Jollygoodyarngirl - What lovely memories! I think you must be thinking of a shop called St. Patricks, sadly, no longer there. Lots more splendid places to explore though!
I've added a picture of the Lygon Arms to my post, just for you!

Nan - dear girl, how kind you are!I'm pleased to say that England still has much to be proud of and the old values and way of life are still here, in places.
You would certainly see much that has changed . . . .x

Heather said...

Broadway is a lovely place and I once had a delicious lunch at the Lygon Arms. We get longtailed tits in the garden sometimes - they are so pretty but are never still long enough to be counted. How lovely to see the Infants' Nativity Play - they always bring a lump to my throat.

Penny said...

You really look as if you live in picture postcard country, so different from where i live and your tale of the birds sounds almost magical.
Hope Rowan didnt get indigestion.

queenlint1 said...

I thought the first was a painting as well. How DO you manage that with your photographs!?!


rivergardenstudio said...

What lovely words and images...I love the interview by Dina too. You are indeed a magical woman who inspires so many with your artistic creations and writings. I also am intrigued by the medieval (?) art pieces that you share. I am using images of medieval manuscripts, and tapestries and rugs from other cultures in my little tin box assemblages... Thank you and have the happiest of Winter Solstice's. Roxanne

acornmoon said...

Such a pretty village, we visited it last year.

I hope your fairy shoes and socks are filled with Christmas delights!

Have a great Christmas.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What a perfectly glorious sky you had hanging above on your Christmas shopping day! Beautiful pictures!

And, Edward is certain that Rowan feels badly for her unfortunate mistakes!!

annette emms said...

Heather - It was the 'Wheezy Wise men come from a Farm' that got me smiling. . .x

Penny - It's certainly very pretty here, I try not to take it for granted. The beautiful pictures on your blog make me envy your neck of the woods!

Dina - Nothing technical,just point and click honey!x

Roxanne -thank you so much, you are too kind! I have been looking at your beautiful assemblages, so intruiging, wonderful!
I have lots of images of medieval documents, if you would like some perhaps you could send me an email?
Be safe in the snow and season's blessings to you. x

Valerie - oh, how wonderful that would be!Happy Christmas.x

Pamela - it was a lovely day, my favourite kind, cold and sunny.
Edward is very kind , Rowan I'm afraid is approaching 'teenage'and all that goes with that! How she makes us laugh though!x Happy Christmas.