Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmas workshop

Christmas Fairies will be well shod after our workshop at Blue Ginger on Tuesday.
It's such a lovely place to spend the day, stitching, chatting and laughing.

Then, if we can tear ourselves away from all the tempting things in the gallery, there's a home cooked lunch in Sue's farm kitchen.

After lunch, a quick turn around the paddock with two Kuni Kuni pigs called Emin and Gormley, and Tilly, the two year old Bernese mountain dog. ( I hadn't realised that little piggies could run so fast. . . )

Back to work then . . . it's hard , but someone has to do it.
Beautiful shoes appeared before my eyes, created with imagination and care.

Just a bit more stitching needed, then they will be finished and fit for lucky Christmas Fairies.


Talking Horses Arts said...

Ooh..these are soooo beautiful. Do the come in a size 10?
Thanks so much for sharing!

Jo said...

"Blue Ginger" how wonderful! Beautiful old building...and Sue's farm kitchen is just gorgeous.
Love the fairy intricate.

lynne h said...

i'm squealing! no what am i doing?!! i don't know, but it's joyful!!! oh, annette, these are wonderful... what would the fairies do without you to show others how to make their shoes? i shudder to think about it... xo

Chris said...

What lovely fairy shoes. Blue Ginger looks like a completely enchanting place to have a class.

Genie said...

Looks like a fun day, and some lovely fairy shoes.
Happy Xmas wishes

annette emms said...

Talking Horses - they would be very big Fairies with size 10 feet:), but I think they'd still look cute!

Jo - Blue Ginger is special, mainly because Sue lives there.She's one in a million.
The kitchen is wonderful, there's a huge inglenook fireplace and 600 year old flagstones, not to mention the huge table and mmmmm food!

Lynne - You're squealing?You should've heard those cheeky little piggies as they chased us around the paddock! I absolutely love them, their little piggy snouts were covered with gooey mud and their little piggy eyes were sparkling with mischief!
We all had great fun making the shoes

annette emms said...

Chris - thanks! The magic's everywhere and getting stronger, day by day.x

Genie - It was good fun, I talked and ate far to much!

Gwen Buchanan said...

dear Annette, your life is so full.. how do you manage to encompass so much... I need to know the secret.. I am in awe...

the piggies, the paddock, the walks, the workshops, the dinners, the shoes!!! wow!!!! love it all!!

Heather said...

I can't think of anything more wonderful - a textile workshop making magical tiny shoes, in a medieval setting but with all mod. cons as well as scrumptious food and set in beautiful countryside. It just appeals to all the senses.

annette emms said...

Gwen - how kind you are! I don't have any secrets (well . . .), I love my life!
The other thing is . . . you don't see how chaotic things are around me!

Wish you could have been with us at Blue Ginger.xx

Heather - Bles you. It was a special day, one to store away, if you know what I mean.x

My Mother's Garden said...

Oh! What fun! The fairies will be so happy :) Sounds like a delightful day of crafting.


queenlint1 said...

Miss Annette,
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Bob said...

Your entire site is magical. I truly love it. I would like to know if there is a pattern for the fairy shoes? If so, would you be willing to share? Always, Barbara