Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Playing Tag

I've been Tagged twice in the last few days, by acornmoon and by Deb at art4sol
Do have a look at these blogs, they are beautiful and interesting in different ways.

So after much thought, panic and deliberation, here are 7 unusual things about me -

  1. I have a good capacity for remembering completely useless information, but can't for the life of me remember the important stuff, like the security code at work or my phone number.
  2. I'm fascinated by Ley Lines, or Dragon Paths as they're sometimes called. I look out for signs that I might be on one wherever I go.
  3. When I was little, I would rather eat Marmite sandwiches than roast turkey, or anything else for that matter.
  4. I love the smell of new books, magazines and sketchbooks.
  5. I believe that there is a veil between this world and the 'otherworld', in places this veil is very thin. Glastonbury is one such place but they are everywhere if you look.That's where the magic is.
  6. I would like to cultivate my eccentricities to the point where I can go and live in a small cottage (It will be white) on the side of a hill in mid Wales. There will be geese in the field and I will live without wearing shoes or makeup.
  7. I smell things in colour.

Oh dear, that's bound to mean a few more people are convinced I'm potty. . . . ..

My last task is to tag 7 more blogs , here goes.-



notes from the rookery





I hope you enjoy looking at these fascinating places!


Arija said...

All very sound quirks except the second last. I cannot for the life of me see what is stopping you going barefoot and chucking your make-up into the bin or handing it to the nearest little girl who passes by? I suppose winter might be a factor with the shoes, but so it would be in Mid-Wales. I don't think my face has seen any horse-nail products for at least 15 years. The only preparation I use is Rosken's Skin Repair for everything. I wonder, is that what makes me so excentric that I rather live in a hovel on the farm than in a mansion on the mountain?
At present you can get a glimpse f the mountain retreat on my My World post it you wish and have time.

annette emms said...

Arija - I had a look at your mountain retreat, oh my, it's wonderful.
Just the sort of place I could go barefoot and facially naked! I shall visit in my dreams, that is if you don't mind a 'nutter' in the house!

Heather said...

I am very flattered to have been tagged by you - thankyou so much. Does it mean I should do the 7 unusual things bit and choose 7 other blogs? I am quite ignorant of all these things, being a bit of a dinosaur!

annette emms said...

Heather - so sorry, I should have made myself clearer. You have to link to the person who tagged you, name 7 things that are unusual about you and then tag 7 other blogs, which you make links to.
If you have a problem with any of this please email me, the address is on my profile.x

Carol Stocker said...

Dear darling Annette...I love you now more than ever after reading your 7 "unusual" things. If only we could all know ourselves that well. Sending you a huge hug for sharing yourself with me. xoxo Carol

Jolly Good Yarn Girl said...

Hi Annette - thanks for your tag! I wanted to say how much I was hoping to have come to your course this Saturday in Wolverhampton but it's fully booked. I'm very disappointed becasue I think it will have been booked up before I joined the Guild. Anyway - you'll enjoy it and hopefully we could get you to visit out Quilter's Guild next year and then I can do the workshop there. Have a great time.
By the way when you get to Wales I may be in the cottage across the hill! x

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

You are so right about Glastonbury. I felt the same feeling in Glen Coe as well. And, like yourself, I absolutely love the smell of new books and magazines! What does that mean???

Get the cottage. Edward and I shall come to call. No makeup or footwear allowed for any of us.

annette emms said...

Carol - thank you my dear, I admit I was a bit worried that I might have 'revealed' too much!. . . .

Jolly Good Yarn Girl - I'm so sorry that you won't be able to come to the workshop on Saturday, I was looking forward to having a chat !
I would love to visit your quilting guild , just get them to email me. In the meantime , there is a tutorial on Bookwraps in a post I did in June this year.
Hope to see you soon.

Pamela -I'm not sure what it means. . . perhaps that we're both a bit 'odd'!, but I shall feel that I'm in very good company.
I shall have a large pot of tea ready and waiting and some juicy bones for our dogs.

acornmoon said...

Smelling things in colour? Well I suppose that is much like seeing words in colour with flavours, so I am with you on that one. Also,like the idea of the cottage complete with geese.

Jo said...

I hope that little white cottage, on the side of a hill, in mid Wales, has interenet connectivity!
Annette make sure it does...so you can keep posting wonderful posts like this one :)

lynne h said...

on the contrary, m' dear... i'm more convinced than ever of your utter and absolute brilliance. xxoo

coral-seas said...

I loved your seven facts and not one of them surprised me, they sound exactly like you. I have heard of people who smell in colour or hear in colour, sadly this is not one of my gifts.

I do however understand about the thinness of the veil and think that it is not by coincidence that the Tor and Stonehenge are built on such places.

I'd love to walk with you and learn the signs of dragon's paths.


annette emms said...

acornmoon - I know it's a bit wierd! I can't even explain it to you or myself for that matter. . .

Jo - sure will honey!

Lynne - bless you again and again.You've made my day.xx

coral-seas - thank you so much. Have you read Alfred Watkins book on Ley Lines? It's a good place to start.

Karen said...

Dragon paths, what a lovely name for Ley lines. I'd never heard them called that before. They shall be called that by me, from now onwards :)
I was also a marmite mad child. I still love it.

Robyn said...

No more potty than the rest of us, Annett. I relate to all of them. My marmite sandwiches had to be cut into soldiers.

KernowWitch said...

You sound perfectly sane to me Annette!!!!Or should I say like Robyn, no more potty than the rest of us. That's probably why we love your blog so much, it's like being at home....Thanks for the tag, I've finally posted my 7, don't know if that's a good thing or not...hehe...Hugs Chrissy x