Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Legend of the Mordiford Dragon

Mordiford church, Herefordshire.

Would you like a story?

It's a wet Sunday afternoon, the wind's blowing against the window pane and it's growing dark.

Come on, pull a chair up closer to the fire, I'll put another log on to keep us warm. . . . . .

Long ago and years since, there was a dragon lived, up there . . . . in Haugh woods, high above Mordiford and the river Wye.

Deep in the wood, where the bluebells bloom ,there, in a dark cave lived the fearsome beast.

The dragon would sleep for many years, but when he awoke . . . . the air would be filled with the terrible stench of Dragonbreath and the people would run and hide.

Hungry and thirsty, the dragon would come crashing down through the wood,

down Serpents Lane,

through the cider orchards, . . . to drink from the river and hunt for food, be that cattle or small people....

One day, the poor villagers decided to try to stop the dragon.

They enlisted the help of Maud, a fairy from the woods, who was the keeper of the Dragon Lore. Like her mother and her mother before her, she knew all there was to know about Dragons and how to enchant them.

The plan was this. . . .

Next time the dragon awoke , Maud would lead the other fairies in a dance to enchant him.

Then . . . under the influence of the fairies magic, they would lead him down through the woods

. .down Serpents Lane

. .through the cider orchards

. .to the river meadows.

There one of the young men from the village would hide in a cider barrel and shoot him, with an arrow through the heart.

Did the plan work?

I don't know, but no one in Mordiford has seen a dragon from that day to this . . . . however here, hidden within the covers of this book, are some magical dancing shoes and a book of Dragon Lore . . . . . . . just in case.

The pictures were taken 'on location' in herefordshire.
(Apologies for slightly 'tweeking' the story!)


Carol Stocker said...

Once againk you have enchanted me with your story-telling, photos and art. Love you, Carol

lynne h said...

beautiful photos, annette! just let me talk to that maud and i'll get to the bottom of this! ; )

Karen said...

I loved the story :)
And the book and shoes are wonderful.
How clever you are!

Anonymous said...

i like the way you interpret legends and stories with your art. - i would love to see the books and fairy shoes for real. great photos - as always - it is beautiful countryside

Jo said...

Annette...everytime I visit you, a sense of calm and joy overwhelms me.
I was sitting right by that fire listening to that wonderful story!
The images are stunning, the forest carpeted with bluebells, and your books & little shoes!!!
too gorgeous.
Glad your a "tweeker" :)

annette emms said...

Carol - bless you, we all need a bit of magic!

Lynne - no chance there, you know what these fairies are like, never around when you want them. . . .

Karen - thank you so much. I must admit I loved making these books.

Paula - thanks, your comments are always so encouraging!
The countryside around Mordiford is wonderful, it was such fun exploring the legend!

Jo - it was lovely to have you here and thank you for your sweet comments.x

Millennium Housewife said...

How beautiful! My little girl has a fairy tree at my parents where she posts letters and receives fairy dust in return. I can't imagine how she would react on Christmas morning if there were fairy shoes waiting there. Is it crass to ask if you sell these? I'm over from Jolly Good Yarn Girl and it has been an absolute pleasure! MH

annette emms said...

Millenium housewife - thanks for stopping by!
Of course you're not crass to ask about the shoes. I don't usually make them for sale anymore, perhaps you'd be able to come to a workshop? If you email me we can have a proper chat about it.

acornmoon said...

I have been tagged and in turn have tagged you, if you want to play along visit my blog for the rules. Only if you want too!

sharon young said...

What a beautiful story, and so well told with your lovely pics and the amazing book and fairy shoes. Thank you for sharing it with us.

lynne h said...

well if i can't talk to maud can i just have a peek inside that dragon lore book? these books are sooooo beautiful, annette.

Arija said...

Now if I were one of those pragmatist I woud probably say 'a
likely story!'
However, since I am marvellous me, I say joiks and yippee! A dragon, a dragon, a real live dragon!!!

With a real dragon any amoubt of tweaking is allowed. Gorgeous, wonderful, with a real dragon book from the dark ages AND you found a whole pair of faerie sho'n.

In my Mt.Lofty garden I have carpets of bluebells under the trees and elsewhere where they are not quite so welcome.

Love your photos, particularly the bluebell wood.
The faerie shoes are a delight as is your book.I would love to peruse it on a foggy November night by a log fire sharing hot meade and long lovely tales of wonder.

Nan said...

Perfectly wonderful! I hope the dragon wasn't shot, but just quietly moved on to another area. :<)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Wonderful! So wonderful, in fact, that I am adding you to my blog roll posthaste! Edward and I do love visiting here!

annette emms said...

Acornmoon - thank you so much.

Sharon - how kind you are!

Lynne - I asked Maud and she said it would be O.K., so I'll get onto it!x

Arija - I'm picturing you jumping up and down whilst clapping your hands. . . . . nothing like a glass of mead and a dragon story to keep the cold away!
Thank you for always encouraging my many quirks and foibles. . .x

Nan - Sorry my dear, I think he's a gonner. . . .

Pamela - bless you, I am honoured.Rowan and I always enjoy your visits.

Genie said...

a lovely tale, love the photos of Herefordshire,

Helen Suzanne said...

love your wee story and esspecially your book in a book with shoes :D delightful

annette emms said...

Genie - Thank you, it's getting to the time of year when I want to stay curled up by the fire!

Helen -Many thanks, glad you liked them. Nice of you to visit, hope you'll come again.