Thursday, 20 November 2008

Warrior Soup and Twelve Golden Birds

I'd like to thank the dear people who left such kind comments on my last post. I admit , I was a little concerned that I had revealed a little too much!

Today was bright and sunny and I had a day to myself at home. Bliss.
Trouble is I always have unrealistic expectations of what I can achieve in a day. . .

I made some soup, I just love the 'chopping vegetable meditation'. This was Minestrone with rice.
When my children were young and needing to be encouraged to eat vegetables, particularly my son,I would often make this soup.
I used to call it Warrior soup, telling them it was perfect food for young warriors, that it had everything needed for growing big strong muscles. Ho ho.
It's still called Warrior soup and they still love it.
After finishing various menial tasks I went for a walk with Rowan, through the orchards and along the river bank. We had the world to ourselves, apart from a small flock of Yellow Hammers and the odd Field Fare.

Back home I started to get my things together for a workshop I'm teaching in Wolverhampton , on Saturday. This always takes ages as I'm paranoid that I'll forget
something vital. Looking forward to this , they're a really nice group.
I then had a bit of time to do some work on my latest wall hanging. It's not finished yet and doesn't have a title?..?
Above, a detail of said hanging.
The colours are all paints made with these pigments from the Clearwell caves in the Forest of Dean. (To be honest, I did titivate the purple bits with a pot of twinkling h2 o)
You can buy these little pots of natural ochres when you visit the caves.

My inspiration for the hanging came from the lovely church of St. Peter at Rowlstone in Herefordshire.
It's such a pretty place , up a leafy lane from Pontrilas. We're almost in Wales here.
There is much to see, but in particular the candelabra.
There are two, one each side of the nave.
Twelve golden birds, six swans and six cocks with little fleur de lis in between.

These beauties were made by the local blacksmith in the fifteenth century and I think that they are my favourite amongst many treasures I have seen whilst loitering in churches. . . .
They still light the church even though a note in the porch says that the congregation has dwindled to nine people.

Now, before I go to bed, I must just make a start on the 24 little gifts to go in Phoebe's Advent Calendar. Or perhaps I'll do some knitting instead.


Jolly Good Yarn Girl said...

Hmmmmmmmmm I love those pigments. What did you mix them with to moisten them? x

annette emms said...

Jolly good yarn girl - Hi! I used Ormaline fabric medium, mainly because it's what I had to hand. I think you could use a fluid acrylic medium, gesso?, acrylic wax, PVA, in fact, I must experiment. . .

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Annette, I love seeing the truly lovely Golden Candelaras from the church. Your wall hanging is just gorgeous and the pigments are very pretty. Are you the person who created the Fairy Slippers. I saw them in the Stitch Mag. a few issues ago. There on my list of things to create. I loved them. Hugs Judy in Snowy Michigan

annette emms said...

CJ -Nice to meet you and thank you for your comments. Yep, I'm the one who created the Fairy Slippers and what fun I've had with them! So pleased you like them, I'll look forward to seeing yours.

Jo said...

Annette, the detailed images of your wall hanging, makes me want to see more...just gorgeous! Colours are beautiful...I love what these pigments can do...
The candelabra...just stunning!!!
Have a wonderful workshop Annette.

Chris' Shady Grove said...

Annette, those paints are such luscious colors. They add so much beauty to your work

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Annette, I was so thrilled to find your lovely blog I have passed on an award to you. Please see my blog. I will definitely let you know when I have created those lovely fairy slippers. Hugs Judy

Robyn said...

I'm fascinated by the pots of natural ochres. Your hanging is lovely and I can see why you are inspired by the golden birds. They are wonderful!

Danielle Barlow said...

Your hanging is looking beautiful! Thanks for the tag - sorry I was a bit slow in getting round to it!

acornmoon said...

I love the colours of those pigments and your wall hanging also.

The little birds look very Christmassy, don't they?

Good luck with the workshop.

rivergardenstudio said...

I have loved reading this whole post, your soup, your walk and the inspiration for your beautiful (unfinished) wall hanging. Thank you again for bringing me closer to your beautiful land... Roxanne

annette emms said...

Jo - the workshop went well, thank you. I have no voice left though!
Those pigments are magical aren't they, the colours seem to sit so well next to each other, I guess because they come out of the earth.

Chris - thank you, I wish I'd got more of them!

Robyn - thank you. I just love those birds, but I'd love you to see the other treasures. . There's a Green Man in the porch, an upside down carving of St. Peter and ancient Oak and Yew trees in the churchyard.

Danielle - thank you. As for the tag, it's a bit of fun but I know it can be very time consuming.

Acornmoon - hmmm. . yes the birds are very festive.You've given me an idea, but as a founder member of the 'Christmas Happens in December Society' (:))I must wait a few days to proceed with it.
I had a super time with the workshop, thanks.

Roxanne - bless you, I'm going to try to finish the hanging this week. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.x

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

Thank you for coming on my blog and for having take time to let a comment !! I really appreciate it ! Your blog is very interesting too !!

agreenrecycledwedding said...

Absolutely amazing!

I love the colors. Can you make real fairy shoes one could wear for her wedding? I hope to continue flowing more goddess energy like you do in them means of art. Thanks for the inspiration.