Thursday, 27 November 2008

Bookwraps at Wolverhampton

I wanted to show you some of the beautiful work produced at the workshop in Wolverhampton last Saturday.
It was a super day with lots of laughter , the ideas fairly buzzed around and I felt privileged to be there .

I love how a simple idea can be picked up. . . . . grow . . . . and be passed around in so many different ways. . . . ..

I think we were all exhausted at the end of the day, in a good way.
I for one, was thrilled with the work that these very talented ladies produced.
I had taken more pictures but they were a bit fuzzy so my apologies for not being able to show you more.


Genie said...

The book wraps look great,glad you had a great day

Jolly Good Yarn Girl said...

These wraps are lovely - I couldn't get a place on the workshop as it was full but it's nice to see what you all got up to!

Hermes said...

Wonderful - I would love my books in these.

Heather said...

Your winter images are lovely and the book wraps fantastic. I am already trying to work out how to do one myself. Thankyou for sharing them with us.

Maggie R said...

what a wonderful place!
I LOVE the book wraps and those Fairie Shoes!! I made a pair of those only I beaded them solid... This has inspired me to do more... I LOVE fibre arts!

annette emms said...

Genie- thank you, it was good fun too!

Jolly good yarn girl - sorry about that! I posted a turorial on Bookwraps in June this year, if you fancy having a look.

Hermes - thank you for the compliment. . . nice to meet you by the way.

Heather - bless you!I wonder if you might like to look at a tutorial I posted in June , on bookwraps.Let me know what you think. . .

Maggie R - thank you so much, for the lovely words and the hugs!
It's nice to meet you, do come again.x

acornmoon said...

that sounds like my kind of workshop! The wraps look lovely.

Jacky said...

Beautiful the organic feel to them (thanks so much for he beautiful photos).

I love the post below too with the wonderful wintery photos and your appreciation of winter descending.

annette emms said...

acornmoon - Valerie, I would have loved to have your company. Glad you liked the bookwraps.

Jacky - thank you so much.
I admit, i love the seasons, with all their twists and turns.

Ro Bruhn said...

These are beautiful, we're only limited by our imagination.

annette emms said...

Ro - Hi! Hope you're well. I wanted to take all these bookwraps home with me!

Robyn said...

Absolutely gorgeous!I love the colours.

I've been enjoying all your winter photographs, Annett.