Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Rococo Autumn and a new book.

Have you seen this new book by Angie Hughes?

Angie is a Textile Artist from Ledbury in Herefordshire, where she has her studio Ledbury Artplace.

There are so many 'Art, Craft, Embroidery etc.' books on the market, sadly not all of them are worth the money, so I was really pleased that I bought this book.
It's beautifully produced, colourful and the step by step instructions are very good.

Angie's writing is full of her enthusiasm and humour . I can't wait to try the mixed media projects and have a thoroughly good play.

Now for something completely different. . .

Last weekend we visited the Rococo Gardens at Painswick . I've been waiting for the chance to go for ages as it's one of the few gardens where dogs are welcome, so Rowan was very excited.

On the way in we were greeted by Pan.
Just around the corner there was a display of some of the fruit from the garden .

These beauties are Black Worcester Pears. (They're big, about the size of three average sized Conference pears.)
I went to school in Worcester and the city's coat of arms has three black pears on it. Something I hadn't given much thought to, but I had heard that the city council have fenced off the last two remaining Black Pear trees as the fruit is so heavy they thought a member of the public might get injured if some fruit fell on someones' head. . . .. . hmmm.

We saw some old types of apple. There was one called Coeur de Beouf, which the volunteer gardener lovingly polished for me to photograph. This type of apple has been around since the 13th. century (not these particular ones!) , how do they know I wonder?

The 17th century gardens have been restored in recent years . Very romantic.

I'm sure that there has to be inspiration for embroidery , somewhere in the next picture . I loved the reflection in the pond. 5 seconds later Rowan fell in and came out very smelly.

There are lots of Beech woods around this area , so we explored this one before heading home.

I love the rare, sunny autumn days and I hope the dry weather will last beacause we're going to spend a few days on Exmoor.
The moors are beautiful at this time of year and I'm looking forward to a long walk, followed by a meal in the village pub. What more could a girl want. . .


Arija said...

Annette, your plans for Exmoor sound like perfection.Hope Rowan has a great time and you of course.
Adorable Moorish arches in the gardens, but by the look of them, I too would have headed for the elm woods.


Robyn said...

Indeed, what more could a girl want. The photograph of the garden viewed through the arch is beautiful.

Nan said...

I was going to say exactly what Robyn said, so just "ditto." :<) I wish I could join you. I'd love to see a photo of the pub you choose.

annette emms said...

You're all welcome! Don't forget the walking boots and I'll save us the big table by the fire.x

Jo said...

Wait for me too!!! :)

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh, what lovely garden arches...I would love to draw them! Somehow between working all day and less time at home I have missed checking in to your beautiful blog...I have some catching up to do. Your photographs are so lovely! Roxanne

Genie said...

Hi Annette
Have a great trip on Exmoor.
The new book looks Good

tumbleweed said...

lovely beech woods...there must be a fabulous carpet of wildflowers there in springtime too...

Chris' Shady Grove said...

Lovely pictures. That garden looks wonderful, so does your new book. Right up my alley.

annette emms said...

Jo - Of course!x

Roxanne - Thanks , you're very kind!Where does the time go. . .

Genie -Thanks and yes, the book is super. A great excuse for getting messy. I've known the author for years and I'm so pleased for her, It must have been such a lot of hard work to get it all ready.

India -I just can't choose - Autumn or Spring , which is best? Easy answer, both!

Chris - try the book, I'm hooked!

annette emms said...
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lynne h said...

oh, i especially love the beech woods photo, annette... but pan and those apples are a close second. no wait! the one through the arches is awfully nice!! they're all so beautiful... boy, i wonder how those apples taste. i grew up in what was at one time an apple orchard so i consider myself an apple expert, hee! i've never heard of coeur de beouf, though. i have a feeling that they're very tasty (along with the pears).

and thank you for the book tip -- i'll check it out!!

annette emms said...

Hi there Lynne, glad you're home!
The lovely man who polished the apples (!?) told me that Coeur de Beouf are the best cooking apples. He said they're best baked in the oven, where they cook as light as air. hmm, now I've got to have some!Custard and sultanas with it, do you think?
Hope you are feeling better now.x