Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Lytes Cary Manor, Grim Ugliness and Autumn splendour

Oh! This is exciting, I've learnt a new trick, thanks to Lynne who gave me a good nudge in the right direction.
I've been playing with some pictures I took in the summer; using Photoshop (which I find incredibly hard to understand) and some ttv. (through the viewfinder) frames.

Lytes Cary, above, is a National Trust property we visited in July. I love the fat green shapes with their conical hats.

Below are some examples of what Arthur Mee, author of the Kings England series, calls 'Grim Ugliness'.
I found them in Somerset, climbing up and down the church at Evercreech.

This grinning monkey's really quite cute, as long as he stays where he is!

Lastly, my Autumn splendour. Hope you like them!


Arija said...

Architectural as those topiaries are, I would most definitely not like to be the person responsible for keeping them trimmed.
Grinning monkeys clambering up and down churches? What were the churchmen thinking of at the time?
I find photoshop difficult as well so mostly I use Picture Project which came with my camera.

Chris' Shady Grove said...

Boy have you been busy the last few days. I love your photos! It must be so much fun exploring all those ancient places, especially this time of year.

Jo said...

Annette...Wonderful viewing here.
Lytes Cary is incredible...and those topiaries amazing, yes great shapes...a passionate gardener here.
I love all the little critters...they look so naughty.
Superb "Autumn Splendour" Oh those poppy heads!!!

annette emms said...

Arija - I often think that these varied and often amusing gargoyles were the journeymen stonemasons revenge for what must have been a hard life!

Chris -It has been a bit hectic, but it keeps me out of mischief!We're going to spend a few days in Lorna Doone country at the end of next week. The autumn colours should be lovely, but I think you know much more about that in your part of paradise!

Jo - glad you liked them. They made me smile all the way home.
As for the poppy heads, well, my husband and I have words every year, he wanting to 'tidy up' and me saying leave them just a few more weeks!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Such beauty Annette.. It always feels magical where you live...beautiful photos..

and the skies in the previous post.. amazing...

and your book workshop.. everyone must have had the best time.. you are so lucky to be able to get together with each other...

sharon young said...

I love your picture treatments here especially the poppy seed heads, I shall have to investigate this further.
Your gargoyles are brilliant too, always a favourite with me.

annette emms said...

Gwen - Bless you. I'm sure the magic's everywhere, I know it's all around your patch!

Sharon - Thank you, I just love playing!

Mandi said...

any hints on how you created these wonderful images on Photoshop would be the photos and your dog is adorable..cheers

annette emms said...

Mandi - thanks for the compliment! If you visit Lynne Hoppe's blog (link on my blogroll) there is a link on her sidebar to a tutorial by Roben marie Smith.