Monday, 13 October 2008

Fun at Ally Pally

We had a really long, but fun day out at Ally Pally on Thursday.
Jan and I got on the coach at 7.30 am. and talked all the way , so naturally the first stop was for coffee.
There was much to see although I felt, not as much as in previous years.
We looked around the trade stands and I tried to stick to my list. . . Here's what I got., it doesn't look much but it's all precious!

In the top picture, some special buttons. The Bee ones made me think of Lynne, who loves bees.

Above there's the lovely wooden stamp for making rubbings with my oil pastels onto brown paper. , some felted wool squares for my book I'm making about the Forest of Dean,
and lastly, some amazing Japanese yarns by Habu Textiles.,They're all made from various weights of silk fiber and the colours, which haven't come out very well in my photo are delicious. I could have stayed on that stand all day and spent a fortune, good thing I had my minder with me!
Below are the beads I got , Phoebe and I are going to make bracelets and a necklace for her Mummy.

The Graduate Showcase was brilliant as usual, I have some pictures on my phone.

My children gave me the phone for a recent birthday and as usual I'm struggling with how to download the pictures. Nothing for it I suppose, I'll have to read the instructions.

We had a good look at the work of Ruth Issett, her colours glowed. The display was my choice for the best in the show.She is one clever lady and she's such a nice person too!

Maggie Grey was there and Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn, wonderful to look at their work, especially the sketchbooks. . .

Mid day , we headed of for our posh pre-booked lunch at the Tetley Tea Rooms. It was a disaster, terrible organisation, angry customers, kitchen staff walked out, we sat around for 45 minutes and no-one even took an order.In the end most people, us included, asked for their money back and joined the queue for a cardboard sandwich. Some you win . . .

You meet such interesting people at these shows , like the lady we chatted to whilst having a cuppa later in the afternoon. She had been on a workshop about Rag rug making and she had us giggling away.

As we were heading , tired and weary to the door a minor miracle happened. . . we bumped into two friends from the Cotswold Embroiderers Guild and they gave us a lift home! Thank you so much Ros and Ann.

I really enjoy a day in London, I always get very excited about it, but then as a country girl I'm always so pleased to be home.


Paula Hewitt said...

what lovely things you bought. restrained in quantity hign in quality. love the wood stamp, the bee buttons, the colour in the beads....., the yarns and felt - it is all gorgeous. but best of all was the left home i think - i am always footsore and exhausted after a day in the city ....and the cotswolds are a fair distance (esp in english terms) from London arent they?

annette emms said...

Paula -Glad you liked my goodies! I was exhausted when I got home, it took us 5 hours to get to the show. The distance is only about hundred and twenty miles but it's the traffic and the road works which always cause the problems in these crowded islands.
Hence my preference to head for the woods or the hills. . .xx

Arija said...

Annette, I'sorry about your disaterous lunch, but at least you were sitting down for a (long) while. Great stash of goodies you came home with.
I dread having to go to any feet need contact with the earth not pavement. The mass consciousness of angry, rushing, tired humaninty I find terrorisingly exhausting. Airposts, bus and train stations, anywhere where people congregate. The anxiety in the air is tangibly opessive to me. Give me any old forest or field and I'm happy.
I suppose for you it was a bit like Ogden Nashe's little verse:
Home is heaven and orgies are vile,
but I like an orgy once in a while!

annette emms said...

Arija- I'm with Ogden Nashe. . Here! here!

Chris' Shady Grove said...

Lovely finds. I love the bee buttons and the fibers.

annette emms said...

Chris - I've left my little basket of goodies on the dining room table so that I can stroke them when I pass.