Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Days borrowed from Summer

This weekend has been sunny and warm, days borrowed from the summer that we didn't have.
Sunday was a perfect Autumn day, it began like this.

Phoebe wanted to go on a 'Rowan walk', so after lunch we went to one of my favourite places. The fields on the edge of the Cotswold hills, looking down over the vale of Evesham.
That's Bredon Hill in the distance and the village of Broadway, where I work, in the vale.

The sun was really strong and warm, Rowan and Phoebe ran up and down the fields and the colours were amazing.

Golden days, I never want days like these to end but someone was suddenly very tired.

Here's how the day ended.


Arija said...

Amazing how Rowans endurance exceeded Phoebe's! Your photo is wonderful, I feel the weight of the golden head upon my shoulder and that limp arm straight out of a Raphael painting, on the other. Only love can sustain such a limp weight all the waay home.
Thank you for your comment on my willow, it's been brewing for a while and needs some tweaking yet. The rhythm in parts is unstable.
Posting it finally, gives me a clearer view.
A tear or two is blessed, it cleanses the soul and tells me I have hit a nail or two after all.

annette emms said...

Arija - I know that you can understand the joy of that weight and the blessing that it is, to be trusted to carry it!
Your wise words always cheer me!

Anonymous said...

what lovely photos - to document a lovely day.

annette emms said...

Paula - thank you, we have to treasure the special days don't we.