Monday, 1 September 2008

Walks around Ludlow.

We had a super few days in Shropshire, this place has definitely got the Magic.

We stayed in our caravan, in an old orchard overlooking Ludlow.The sun shone (well some of the time) and we had starry nights and misty mornings.

At the top of the orchard is a green lane which leads one way into the town and the other way up, into the forest.

Would you like to stroll into town with me? It's not far and De Greys cake shop is beckoning.

Through the first field and then over the stile, downhill all the way.
Rowan thinks she's clever, running on ahead and playing hide and seek.

Ludlow is an old town, built around its' castle and well loved for it's black and white buildings. Here are just a few.

We need to take a slight detour down this street, to the cake shop. I was going to post a picture of Mike staring in the window, trying to choose which one to have, but he walked away. So here's the shop anyway!
Sorry, can't eat the cakes yet, we're going into the church first.
The medieval church is huge and in the choir are some 15th. century miserichords. I chose these two to show you, one because it's is a bit like a dragon, I think it's called a Wyvern and the other because I love mermaids.

The poet A.E. Housman (1839 - 1936) loved Ludlow and his ashes are buried here.
" Oh, come you home on Sunday
When Ludlow's streets are still
And Ludlow's bells are calling
To farm and lane and mill.
Or come you home on Monday
When Ludlow market hums
And Ludlow chimes are playing
'The Conquering Hero Comes'.
(From A Shropshire Lad by A.E. Housman)
During my visit, there was an international choir practicing for a concert that evening, ooh, the magical singing. It was so beautiful, it made me shiver.
After all that 'Soul Food', we'll head down to the river Teme, sit on the bench and eat our cakes.

You can see the castle through the trees. This is where Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon lived as newly weds. Sadly, just a few months later Prince Arthur was dead of a fever and his brother succeeded to the throne and became king Henry the eighth.

It's very peaceful here but I suppose we better move, uphill all the way I'm afraid. Back at the caravan there's some wine in the fridge and some steak for the barbecue.

We'll sit outside and watch the lights come on in the town below. Tired? I am.

Next day, Rowan got us up early for her morning walk, I'm sure she knew it would be special.It
was a really misty, autumn morning.

The mist lifted as we walked up into the forest and Rowan went for a swim in this sunlit pond.
There were lovely peeps around every corner.

Before long, the sky clouded over and it was time to get home . Then suddenly, this happened!

A lovely walk and it's still only 8.30, time for breakfast! Bacon sandwiches I think.

We got home on Sunday afternoon , just time to unpack and get sorted for Monday.

Today I went to Marlborough in Wiltshire, to give a talk for the Embroiderers Guild.
They meet in a pretty village, just beyond Marlborough and what a lovely group of people they are. I really enjoyed my afternoon.
Tomorrow, I'm going to see an exhibition at Compton Verney, it's called 'The Fabric of Myth'. There are some well known people exhibiting their work, I've been so looking forward to this!
I'll let you know how I get on.


Genie said...

Loved your Journey thru Shropshire.
look forward to your Next foray out and about

annette emms said...

Genie - thank you. Hope you're feeling better.

sharon young said...

What a lovely w/e you had and so wonderful to share it with you, I enjoyed every minute of it, reading your super account.
The cake shop sounded superb, always our first port of call when we visit somewhere new, thank you so much for sharing your visit with us.

annette emms said...

Sharon - Bless you, you're welcome!
I enjoyed your company.

Jo Horswill said...

Annette...I don't want to go home!!! I just want to stay, right here!!!
Ludlow is gorgeous...every image you posted was wonderful, the castle, the pond, the bridge, the forest, the gate, the art, the mushroom, Rowan, the cakes...hang on, the cakes...where are the CAKES!!!!

Lovely post....:)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Oh Annette, I am so glad I never missed this walk ... .. I ran to catch up, you know!! did you hear my dogs barking!!

I have a soft spot for sweets!

..these structures just send me... i want to get my pencil out and start drawing these wonderful lines...
and amazing photographs of the morning light!!

and guess what I'm not tired a bit!!

lynne h said...

annette, jo and i will just stay here!!

i (almost) always read your posts and then come back in a day or two to comment... i don't know why... it's as if i have to digest them. there's something about them that moves me so much. i've never felt the slightest inclination to visit the u.k., or even any interest in its history. but your pictures and words are changing all of that. i'm amazed at the Magic that lives there... the creatures that have been carved into stone and wood, the glass, the trees, the bridges... it's all full of Magic.

Nan said...

I wish I could just transport my whole 'entourage' and live there. Did you ever watch the extras on the dvd of Calendar Girls? It shows the real women and how they walk in Yorkshire every single morning together. The England in movies and stories really is still there, and it heartens me, even if I can't live there. Thank you for a lovely time.

annette emms said...

Jo - oh thank you! You're so welcome to stay, there's plenty of room for everyone!
The cakes, well, sorry but I've been watching my weight for so long and something dreadful came over me, we ate them, every crumb.
Then I had to positively waddle up the path home.

annette emms said...

Gwen - I'm so glad you caught us up. I heard you coming and waited by the stile.
Those buildings are super aren't they, the one with the black and white 'porch' is very old indeed. I believe it dates back to the 12 th. century, the porch was a modern addition in the 1600s!

Lynne - you can come and stay anytime honey! I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it and that I may have sparked an interest in the UK.
I think the Magic is everywhere, (it is definitely in and around you, your creek and your forest!)I think it's just a matter of being able to see, or should I say feel it!

annette emms said...

Nan - Bless you, you are most welcome (and your entourage!).Can you imagine the fun we'd have if you did de-camp? We could form an H.V. Morton society and search out all the places he visited!
You mentioned the Calendar Girls, that was a brilliant film and you're right the real women in Yorkshire are amazing. That is such a wonderful part of England.x

Anonymous said...

hey i don't really know you, but I thought I'd let you know that you 'wyvern' is actually a griffin. while the head is slightly different from the traditional griffin, the lion's tale and eagle wings show the regular traits. just thought I'd help you out...