Monday, 22 September 2008

Tristan and Iseult

A very early morning walk to see the sun rise . . .lovely September days in Cornwall.

We stayed at Bodinnick, across the river from Fowey and the picture above shows what we found just a little walk down the lane. That bench is the perfect spot, to sit with a bottle of wine and watch the sun set. . . .
This part of Cornwall is very unspoilt, undulating hills, secret valleys and wooded creeks. The countryside is full of mystery and legends.

I wanted to find the places mentioned in one of the greatest love stories,the legend of Tristan and Iseult, who lived in the days of King Arthur.

I did a little research and armed with a map and a packed lunch, we set off, on foot, every day, in a different direction to discover for ourselves these wonderful places.

Below are some Celtic cross memorials at St. Winnow's church.

Some beautiful old glass in one of the windows.

Just downstream from St. Winnows there was once an island in the river, where Tristan fought and defeated the evil Morholt.

Later in the story we return to this spot. On the riverbank, opposite the church of St. Winnow,there was an ancient crossing place, where Tristan made his escape in a small boat to begin his years of exile in France.

As we left the churchyard and climbed the hill we found a little summer cafe, where the farmers' wife sold tea and cakes, that she made herself. So we sat a while and chatted to a lovely young couple, who carried their baby in a sling. They all had Wellington boots, rosy- red cheeks and laughing eyes. Lucky baby!

After eating a piece of the chocolate cake ( It would have been rude not to)), we turned for the long walk home.

It's getting late , so, more tomorrow. . .


Susan said...

It is so gorgeous where you live!
Just hopping about blogs listed on Nan's site and came to yours. (Fantastic embroidered shoes). Am now going to have to not sulk when I drive through the grotty downtown on my way to work having seen your neck of the woods :)

KernowWitch said...

You picked the right time to come to Cornwall, we've had some lovely sunny weather.....Don't forget to look out for Pixies....Hugs Chrissy x

Arija said...

Annette , what a wonderful time for you and Rowan. I bet he is having a ot of fun and new smells on your walks. Cornwall is a magical place with the rugged coast and quiet inland nooks.
Enjoy your holiday and say hallo to the faeries for me. Being an expert cobbler you could whip up a few pairs of shoes for them.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Always magical!! All the photos are breathtaking but the one with Rowan(?) in the arch of the sunrise, standing on a narrow worn path... ahhh!!!! so calming ...

My daughter carried her babies in slings.. I say plural as she had twins boys... and her daughter just 1 yr.older wanted up too..

Chris' Greetings from the Shady Grove said...

That shot of Rowan on the lane is magical. What a beautiful day.

P.S. My Jack is 4 and just over the manic stage.

annette emms said...

Susan - nice to meet you!Thanks, yes it is lovely here, well most of it. There is plenty of grot here as well.
The Library I work in is in a village on the edge of the Cotswold hills. It's pretty, the readers are on the whole nice, but sometimes I yearn for the challenge of a big, city library. Never satisfied!

Chrissy - we had such a wonderful week! I can't believe how lucky we were. Cornwall , sunshine and September. My favourite things!xx

Arija - Rowan loved it and yes those piskies are everywhere, un-shod though, because I was on holiday!

Gwen - It's funny, Rowan was a bit afraid to go through that gap in the hedge. The sun popped up so suddenly and must have startled her.I was so pleased to catch the moment.The walk was heaven, I truly didn't want it to end.
Twin baby boys and a one year old daughter.Oh Gwen, how lovely.Is your daughter the calm, serene, type?I bet she is.
I found it hard work, one at a time, with 5 years between my children!

Chris - thank you.It was a magical walk.
Nice to know Rowan will calm down eventually! Most of the time her antics make us laugh, when they're not embarrassing us that is!

sharon young said...

What a lovely description you gave us of your ididllic holiday.
We lived in Cornwall, Launceston, for 3 years and it was the happiest place I have ever lived, so many thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

what wonderful photos - thanks for sharing them

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

That first photo looks like a painting! I've downloaded it for my screensaver today...just beautiful!

And, it's always rude not to eat a piece of chocolate cake, isn't it?

annette emms said...

Sharon - how lovely to have lived in Cornwall. I just can't keep away!

Paula - you are most welcome, glad you liked them.

Pamela - Thank you so much! Rowan is honoured to think that she is on yours and Edwards' computer!

Robyn said...

Funny you should mention piskies. I was thinking about them just yesterday. When we were in Polperro we all bought piskie charms for luck.

annette emms said...

Robyn - Polperro is certainly full of piskies! Hope yours brought you luck. . .