Wednesday, 24 September 2008

'A Book in a Box' and Menabilly

I've been beavering away, preparing for a new workshop that I'm going to start teaching soon. The idea is to make a concertina style book, from fabric and a special box in which to keep it.

I thought I'd show you a few of the sample pages I've made, all inspired by my 'church crawling' around here and in Wales.

I've got loads more to do yet and little time to do it, same old story!


Here are a few more pictures from Cornwall. I should have said in my last post, that if you aren't familiar with the story of Tristam and Iseult (and lets face it why would you be?) you can get the basics here.
Above is the 'Croix Rouge' at Tregaminion. I had to climb through the undergrowth to get this picture,but I'm glad I did.

It has such a presence. Quite creepy really.

This stone, which used to stand near King Mark's summer palace at nearby Castle Dor, is where Tristan left his messages.

Now for rather a quick change of subject. Not far away from Tregaminion, just a stones throw, is Menabilly, Daphne du Maurier's home
I love her books,I read most of them here, in Cornwall on various holidays through the years. So now, if I should read a passage, I'm instantly transported back to that time and place. . . .

It's not possible to see Menabilly, no public right of way. Here's a postcard I found. Daphne used her home as the inspiration for Manderley in Rebecca.

If you follow the lane on a while you come to the pretty little beach at Polridmouth. . . .

where Rebecca met her end.
While we were there I made a complete idiot of myself by falling flat on my back on some rocks. .

I was lucky I didn't do anything too serious to myself and all because I could see some great driftwood, just out of reach.

Here I am, upright and all in one piece!

That's it really, I'll finish with this picture of the memorial to the fallen of the second world war from Polruan, Bodinnick and Fowey.
For no particular reason other than I love it!


Chris' Shady Grove said...

Lovely to see you Annette. I love your concertina book idea.

Anonymous said...

your new workshop sounds exciting. I love Rebecca - i had it on the shelf for a long time and didnt bother to open it becuase i had this idea it was going to be barbara cartland-ish. I was more than pleasantly surprised when i finally read it. I really like stories set in Cornwall for some reason - Id love to visit.

queenlint1 said...


I am enamoured of your concertina books! Just glorious. I'd love to be involved in your class if I could.

It's amazing that we all have our colloquialisms. In the American South,we say, "Juning around the kitchen", or, "I have to really June to get things done" in reference to June Cleaver of the Leave It To Beaver television show of the 1950s and 60s.

Your local expression for busyM is obviously 'beaver'. I'm trying to June through projects so I can finish up a story!

Did you know that you are featured on I got notice that I was on and then saw yours. They must mine links from what they choose.


60GoingOn16 said...

Just thought I would call and say 'hello'. What a delightful blog - your photos have made me very nostalgic for Cornwall, where my late husband's family lived for hundreds of years.

And, coincidentally, I have also recently learned how to make a concertina book at one of Judy Willoughby's workshops. I enjoyed everything about the process and can't wait to make more. Hope the course goes well.

(Love those fairy shoes, by the way . . .)

lynne h said...

oh annette, you always pack so much in your posts... that last memorial is so beautiful. and so is the 'croix rouge'. wow... these stones that you show us are amazing. and speaking of amazing, your book is! my absolute favorite page is the one on the far right in the last pic. you've captured that carving perfectly.

tumbleweed said...

love the pix...remind me of happy tramping around Cornwall way back in the dark ages circa 1983, when (according to my chillun) dinosaurs still roamed the earth

Arija said...

Delightful to see you use the little de(a)er in your concertina book.Í's one of those images that pops up out of the recesses of one's mind when least expected.
Hope your bruises are fading. So glad there was no permanent damage. Pride can be mended easier than bones.. at a certain age anyway.
I had hoped you would see my Sydney post as I put a pretty face on it just for your delectation.
I too love the war memorial as of old with the sword for cross.

annette emms said...

Chis - Thanks. The book project is great fun, but like most things, taking much longer than I thought!

Paula - thank you. I just know that you would love Cornwall. Especially the wild and woolly bits!
Hope the shed building went well!

Dina - Thanks honey! I checked out All top, most interesting site.
Are you still Juning while I beaver?x

60goingon16 - thanks for the kind words and good wishes.
I think my soul belongs in Cornwall.x

Lynne - thank you so much. What is it about these stones?They really get to me.
Hope you have a good holiday.

India - Dinosaurs eh? We must be the same age!

Arija - Bruises are fading, thanks!
The prety face on your post was definitely delectable!
As for that war memorial. Made me go all shivery(?), from the other side you can see all down the Fowey river and out to sea.

Arija said...

Annette, I'm not sure you looked at the right face, I was looking out for dragons for you, but only found a stone something-or-other. One can't call it a gargoyle, only almost.
That war memorial is still sighin at me, as though there were strings from the sword straight to my heart, it's really hard not to cry. Maybe I'll just give in to it's power.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Such an inspiring post Annette.. You have been busy!!

Glad you weren't hurt in your tumble.. My son had a bad fall off his bike a week and a 1/2 ago and he is still not quite back to himself...

I love the concertina books as they are self supporting and can be seen from all angles when spread out.. yours are such a textural experience.. wish I could touch them...

Such gorgeous landscapes too!!!

annette emms said...

Arija - please excuse me for being so obtuse! When I looked back I found the little monster on your Sept. 16th post. . .nice one!
You must have thought me very odd (perhaps most people do!), anyway I also think the lovely face on your latest post is worth a comment!
I know what you mean about that memorial, It gets me too.x

Gwen - Thank you for you encouragement, as always.
I was lucky not to hurt myself, but what about your son? I do hope he's on the mend. These boys do have spectacular tumbles from time to time!

Genie said...

Glad you did not hurt yourself badly, Lovely work

rivergardenstudio said...

What lovely photos, and your class sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing so much of your beautiful homeland... Roxanne

annette emms said...

Genie - thank you so much.

Roxanne - Oh I wish you could come and help me with it!

I love how we all share our different views of the world.x