Thursday, 21 August 2008

This and That

I had a feeling that I'd been flitting around with my work this summer. Trying a bit of this and a bit of that. Unable to settle and really get down to it.

Do you know what I mean?

When I had a good look at my work I realised that I hadn't actually completed anything recently; but here's a look at my unfinished efforts. I thought if I posted them here, I might feel obliged to get on and finish them !
So here goes.

These pictures are the cover and some of the 'inside bits' of a book, inspired by a weekend in the forest.

Above is a close up of the cover, below a small piece of embroidery in its pocket.

I made a little book with sketches and other images of woodland flowers. It will live in a pouch within the book.
Here's the front cover of my book on Cotswold churches, I've done some hand and machine stitching on it. The pages are all planned out in my workbook.

This is Roger Lort, he's waiting patiently to be stitched to a page.

Finally, this is a project I've been planning since last summer. We went to Scotland on holiday , where I met a fascinating lady who took me off on a hike, to show me the Pictish rock carvings that she had found on her land. I'm definitely not going to do any more to this until I've finished the rest, honestly.


Anonymous said...

these are great projects - looking forward to seeing them completed!

Robyn said...

Love your forest book! It's so lush and layered with interest. Beautiful work!

Carol Stocker said...

Oh my have so many wonderful projects in the works...and getting started is really the hardest part. I LOVE all the pages you have done for the "forest" book...yummy!

...and the fabric pieces ready for the "churches" book are wonderfully inspiring. You never cease to amaze me with your amazing talent(s). Huge hugs, Carol

Genie said...

Great starts look forward to finished pieces

Annette said...

Paula - thanks, I'm going to try not to start anything else before I finish these projects!

Robyn - thank you. I love having lots of layers in my work.

Carol - you're so sweet Carol, thanks for your encouragement!

Genie - Thank you.
I was so pleased to read that your daughter is getting better.

sharon young said...

Hi Annette
All your projects look wonderful, but I particularly love the forest book it's delightful, with its embroideries and pockets.
BTW I've awarded you the 'I love your blog' award, I hope that's OK :-), the details are on my blog.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

It looks as though you have many delightful things in the works! Can't wait to see the finished results.

Aussie Jo said...

Lovely book! I love the texture in your pages. Is the pocket made of felt?

Gwen Buchanan said...

Oh Glory, what a delight!! Your embroidery ,ooooo! This is going to be such a lovely book .. So textural.. and the pages, I just love them.

You have Roger Lort on fabric. How did you do that?
and always surprises when I come here.. your friend has rock carvings ... such history again.. thank you so much..

Chris' Greetings from the Shady Grove said...

Annette, I love your blog. In fact I enjoy it so much I thought you deserved an award. Stop by and claim it. Rules for the award are listed in the previous post. Thanks for saying hello the other day. Chris

sammy said...

Your work is just over the top amazing!
I have had to bookmark your page and hope it is okay to add your link to my blog....

annette emms said...

Sharon - Thank you so much!

Pamela - Thanks, now I really have to get on and finish them!

Aussie Jo - Nice to meet you! The pocket is made of paper which has been 'got at' by me and a paint brush. The little embroidery inside it is made with various things needle felted into blanket felt.

Gwen - Bless you for your kindness.
Roger Lort had his face photocopied , covered in emulsion paint and brayered onto calico!No wonder he looks a tad pensive. . .(Details in a post I did in June)

Chris - the feeling's mutual ! Thanks a million.

Sammy - that's very kind of you, thank you and nice to meet you!

Jo Horswill said...

Oh wonderful to see your work. It's incredible, I can only imagine how beautiful it would be in real life!
Stunning greens, textures and stitch...pure joy

annette emms said...

Jo - nice to hear from you after your busy few days!
I had such fun making the forest book. Thought I maight try adding some more poetry to it, I just need some time to think. . .

lynne h said...

annette, i came here and looked at all of these wonders a couple of days ago, but left without making a comment because i just could not think of anything to say that a.) did not sound trite, and b.) did justice to your work. everything really is remarkable and has such a voice. and the pictish rock carvings that you've drawn. good lord!!!!! these blow me away!!

on another note, i never wrote to thank you for the photos of the stained glass windows... we were on our way to mt. shasta when they came. thank you for sending them!! i loved looking at them!

please keep showing us more of your art!!

Homeleightigger said...

Just gorgeous Annette - beautiful colouring, love the stitching and thanks so much for sharing, even though it isn't finished. It's wonderful!

annette emms said...

Lynne - thank you!!
Glad you liked the stained glass.There are lots of places around here that are connected to the arts and crafts movement, I need time to get out with the camera. (Perhaps if I didn't spend so much time blogging?)
The rock carvings were stunning and the story that goes with them.
Must do a post about that.

Val - nice to hear from youand thanks for the comment. Your posts about Dale's workshop are making me want to start yet another project!

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh!! What beautiful journal pages and books. Your colors are so golden and your textures and drawings very wonderful. Thank you for sharing! Roxanne

lynne h said...

yes, yes! a post on the rock carvings!! take just a wee break from blogging (we wouldn't want you gone for very long : ) and set off with your camera!

kate said...

Oh, the greens, blues, and browns. The textures. The sketches. The lusciousness of it all. Your pocket is divine! What a lovely weekend in the forest it must have been.

Jacky said...

Hi Annette, I love your works in progress... especially the journal inspired by a walk in the forest, so beautiful!

annette emms said...

Roxanne - thanks for that! You've made my day.

Lynne - short break coming up! We're off to the woods again this weekend, near Ludlow(Shropshire) this time. See you soon!

Kate - thank you so much! I just can't keep away from the woods!Perhaps it's my inner wild woman, trying to get out!

Jacky - thank you, nice to have you back!