Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Happy days.

My visitors have gone, the house is a bit empty and I'm feeling a little sad but, we have had such a wonderful time!

We sat up late every night talking and laughing until we cried and we also cried until we laughed.

Mike got delayed in Ireland so he missed some of the fun, but here are the rest of us at my friend Wendy's house.

That's me on the left (pink trousers!?), Wendy, Fanny with Pierre and their son, the lovely Yassine standing behind the sofa.

These two ladies sitting with me are two of the dearest and best friends a girl could have. Blessings indeed.

We sat outside in Wendy's pretty little courtyard garden and drank a little wine, quite a lot actually.

Our daughter Rachael and her partner, invited us all to their home for a party on Saturday evening .
We had fun shopping for the food together and Fanny absolutely insisted on making some lovely tarts for desert. Am I lucky or what!

In the afternoon we did a tour of the Cotswolds, taking in the wonderful knitting and needlecraft emporium at Shipston on Stour and a junk yard in which I found a 1955 copy of Woman's Weekly ( I won't tell you what Mike said) .

We also found this dragon, there's always one lurking somewhere or other!

Here we are at Rachael's, that's her at the front and our son Nick in the red tee shirt.

Of course , no sooner than we got there it started to rain ,hey ho. So we decamped into the house while Jerry stood under the gazebo and cooked. Bless.

Fanny and Pierre are both talented musicians, she has a truly beautiful voice and loves to sing to classical German music, and Pierre is a professional , playing and teaching the Double Bass.

Our evening passed so quickly, singing traditional songs in the round, dancing and speaking Franglais , which became more muddled as the wine bottles emptied!

Yes, we're boozing again, mine's the coke. Sunday lunch in a favourite pub and then a long hike up Bredon Hill.

Yassine looks a bit worn out , he and Rowan have had the best time together.

We found a cave for a troll in an old, fallen tree and a 12th. century carving of a hare, in a little church we passed on the way down the hill.

What lovely memories we made together and now I really must settle down to some work . . .


Gwen Buchanan said...

Annette, this gathering of friends sounded so warm. It's so special when dear friends can enjoy each others company and eat, drink and be merry...
.. Those tarts look yummy!! and The beer looked refreshing! and Everyone looks so happy!!

Love the dragon and the hare !! your country is so full of marvelous surprises saved throughout the ages.. What must that feel like to journey through?

Oh to go off on a tour through the Cotswolds.. I have a beautiful book of that country side and I'll flip through the pages and imagine you there on a trip with your friends!!!

It was lovely to see you!!!

lynne h said...

oh, annette... what a lovely post. i almost feel like i was there. it sounds like it was a wonderful visit. and the troll cave -- wow. and the rabbit carving! and the dragon!! we just don't have things like that here.

Annette said...

Gwen - It is certainly wonderful to spend time with dear friends and the lovely thing is that we made such a lot of plans to spend more time together.
We also made have a joint stitching project to organise, can't wait to get started.
The Cotswold are very pretty and thanks to my 'church crawling' habits I have discovered all sorts of secret places. Now there's an idea for a new post!

Lynne - yes, we are lucky here to have all the strange and quirky history.There are lots of times though when I would love to sit in the creek and paint!!

Robyn said...

What fun! Its great when everyone enjoys each others company and can get out and about, eating, drinking and being merry. Love the hare! That is what I loved about England. Little surprises around every corner.

Carol Stocker said...

Annette, I'm so glad that you had a wonderful time with your friends...great photos to share the weekend with the rest of us too! Hugs, Carol

Jo Horswill said...

Those Tarts!!!
What a wonderful post Annette...
Family, friends, food, wine and song!!! Bliss
Those Tarts!!!
Wonderful trunk! perfectly huggable! love the Hare carving.
And what about those Tarts!!! :)

annette emms said...

Robyn - It was a great weekend, I'm exhausted!
This is quite a crowded island but it sure is interesting!

Carol - Thank you, it was such fun.

Jo - Ok, I get it. Sorry, no tarts left, but if there were, one would be on it's way to you!

Nan said...

I felt like I was there! What a great time.