Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Queen of hearts and another Dragon

Thought you might like these little guys.
I've just realised that I am getting a bit obsessed about dragons, can't help it, sorry!
These two pictures were taken in the spring when we went to Wirksworth in Derbyshire, to see the Well Dressing.
Inside the church I found the Queen of Hearts ( plus her grumpy old man) and a Dragon. . .
We're going away for the weekend, off to the woods again, near Ludlow in Shropshire this time.
Just before I go , here are the lovely blogs that I want to pass my awards onto.
(Sorry it took so long , few technical problems here).
Some of these are blogs I have recently found , some I've known a while, all are very deserving of their awards, do visit!
The awards are on my previous post.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

I told you there are dragons everywhere.

The other day I said that I seem to find dragons everywhere. I completely forgot about this one I found in the Forest of Dean. It was worked by a chainsaw artist.

The mermaid on the back of a fish is also in the forest. I tried to make her 'clickable' so that you can see the lichen on her back.

Well, I'm feeling really chuffed today, which might not have been the case as I had to work all day and the sun actually shone all day, just like it really was summer. Anyway, the reasons for my chuffedness (new word I think) are below.

I am overwhelmed to have received two awards! The first is the I Love Your Blog award which the lovely Sharon , who is a very talented lady with whom I share many interests. Thank you Sharon, I'm honoured.

This award was given to me by Chris at . This is quite a new blog to me but it's already one of my favourites, do have a look , and thanks Chris , I really appreciate the award.
Same rules for both -1. Put the logo on your blog. 2.Link to the person who gave you the award. 3.Nominate at least 7 other blogs. 4.Put links to those on your blog. 5. Leave a message on those blogs.

I would like to give the award to some of the new blogs I've found, well, new to me anyway.I'll have to really think about this and it's very late , so next time.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

This and That

I had a feeling that I'd been flitting around with my work this summer. Trying a bit of this and a bit of that. Unable to settle and really get down to it.

Do you know what I mean?

When I had a good look at my work I realised that I hadn't actually completed anything recently; but here's a look at my unfinished efforts. I thought if I posted them here, I might feel obliged to get on and finish them !
So here goes.

These pictures are the cover and some of the 'inside bits' of a book, inspired by a weekend in the forest.

Above is a close up of the cover, below a small piece of embroidery in its pocket.

I made a little book with sketches and other images of woodland flowers. It will live in a pouch within the book.
Here's the front cover of my book on Cotswold churches, I've done some hand and machine stitching on it. The pages are all planned out in my workbook.

This is Roger Lort, he's waiting patiently to be stitched to a page.

Finally, this is a project I've been planning since last summer. We went to Scotland on holiday , where I met a fascinating lady who took me off on a hike, to show me the Pictish rock carvings that she had found on her land. I'm definitely not going to do any more to this until I've finished the rest, honestly.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Happy days.

My visitors have gone, the house is a bit empty and I'm feeling a little sad but, we have had such a wonderful time!

We sat up late every night talking and laughing until we cried and we also cried until we laughed.

Mike got delayed in Ireland so he missed some of the fun, but here are the rest of us at my friend Wendy's house.

That's me on the left (pink trousers!?), Wendy, Fanny with Pierre and their son, the lovely Yassine standing behind the sofa.

These two ladies sitting with me are two of the dearest and best friends a girl could have. Blessings indeed.

We sat outside in Wendy's pretty little courtyard garden and drank a little wine, quite a lot actually.

Our daughter Rachael and her partner, invited us all to their home for a party on Saturday evening .
We had fun shopping for the food together and Fanny absolutely insisted on making some lovely tarts for desert. Am I lucky or what!

In the afternoon we did a tour of the Cotswolds, taking in the wonderful knitting and needlecraft emporium at Shipston on Stour and a junk yard in which I found a 1955 copy of Woman's Weekly ( I won't tell you what Mike said) .

We also found this dragon, there's always one lurking somewhere or other!

Here we are at Rachael's, that's her at the front and our son Nick in the red tee shirt.

Of course , no sooner than we got there it started to rain ,hey ho. So we decamped into the house while Jerry stood under the gazebo and cooked. Bless.

Fanny and Pierre are both talented musicians, she has a truly beautiful voice and loves to sing to classical German music, and Pierre is a professional , playing and teaching the Double Bass.

Our evening passed so quickly, singing traditional songs in the round, dancing and speaking Franglais , which became more muddled as the wine bottles emptied!

Yes, we're boozing again, mine's the coke. Sunday lunch in a favourite pub and then a long hike up Bredon Hill.

Yassine looks a bit worn out , he and Rowan have had the best time together.

We found a cave for a troll in an old, fallen tree and a 12th. century carving of a hare, in a little church we passed on the way down the hill.

What lovely memories we made together and now I really must settle down to some work . . .

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

It's raining, again.

It's raining again and I thought these pictures of roses from my garden might brighten things up.

This lovely pink rose is called Morning Jewel, it's a climbing rose and it has been producing these 'jewels' in abundance for about 25 years.

Even though it's wet and grey outside,I feel all excited today, a very dear friend of mine and her family are coming to stay for a few days. They are French, we met on holiday, years ago when our children were small and have spent so many happy times together ,holidays and visits.
We haven't seen each other for some years and my friend has been ill recently, she's getting better now and I am so thrilled that they are coming. One more day and they'll be here! I feel just like a little girl!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Kelmscott and William Morris

''Kelmscott. In the reedy meadows of the upper Thames lies a straggling village forever connected with the name of William Morris, whose lovely house is it's true heart. It is an Elizabethan manor house of tender grey stone, sheltering behind high walls, so that only the peaked gables, topped by stone balls can be seen from the lane. The gardens seem haunted by the spirit of the poet.''

I'm quoting here from my 1942 copy of Arthur Mees' 'Kings England, Oxfordshire' and I do apologise for the picture above, bit of a tussle with the scanner. . .
This area has lots of connections with the Arts and Crafts Movement and Kelmscott in particular is a journey back to those days.
Just about 50 yards down the lane from William Morris' house, is the river Thames and I believe an early morning walk in August is the best time to explore, especially when it's a misty morning.
The fields along the river banks are still and quiet.
Peace. Just me, the birds singing, the water lapping and any minute now , when she's finished chasing rabbits, Rowan.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

A day with friends and a bit of church crawling.

I confess, I've been loitering in churchyards again, seems I can't get out of the habit. . .
But first I met a group of friends and we had a long, long lunch. We haven't been able to meet much this year, for one reason or another, so it was really good to see the girls again.
We chatted and sympathized and planned an exhibition for next summer. We shared our new work with each other and discussed ideas, these days are so inspiring.

On the way home I thought, hmm, Beckford church is just over there. . and I'm glad I did because I had forgotten how weird and wonderful it is. It has a history going back a thousand years and it also has this charming creature (below). He's carved into the chancel arch about half way up and I love him.
There are funny little carved faces peeping out of nooks and crannies all over the place. Lots of pattern and strange leaning arches.
I did a quick sketch of my little centaur creature and a print, which I'll have to do again because I forgot his spear.

The fair maiden below marks an anonymous grave, the wind and rain have done their work on the writing.

Monday, 4 August 2008

A few days in the Forest of Dean.

We went walking in the sun-warmed forest, where recent rain had touched the leaves with watery jewels.
Drifting through the trees were pots of golden sunlight, stirred by misty fingers holding spot -lights for the dancing butterflies.
Here and there, woody stumps were wearing their caps of mossy stars and holding deep within, the memory of yesterday’s giants.
The scented earth cushioned our steps and taught us
not to trespass on the silence. . . .

Copyright Annette Emms August 4th. 2008