Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Yesterday, Sue and I had a 'jolly' in Chipping Campden, a very pretty Cotswold town, a few miles from my home. We mooched about, peering in windows and trying to resist buying things.

There was a small antique fair in the town hall , where we saw these lovely little cups.
I bet you can't guess what the strange things in the next picture are?
Just what every girl needs, some silver contraptions for holding quail's legs so that you don't get your fingers dirty while you eat the poor little beasties.

This is the Market Hall, where wool was traded.

The Campden Gallery. Next, we went to the Fleece Inn at Bretforton, for our lunch. This place has been a pub since the 17th. century. I looked for the healthy choice on the menu, but well, it was very dark in there. For pudding I meant to order fresh fruit salad but the words that came out of my mouth were 'plum and grenadine crumble with ice cream please'. Never mind, I ate it anyway.

Here's Sue trying to ignore her embarrassing friend,who's hopping around with a camera.

That's it for now, Mike and I are going to Glastonbury for a few days, so , back in a while.


sharon young said...

You certainly do go to the nicest places, and I can't believe you had such a wonderful sounding desert, how decadent :-)
Hope your stay in Glastonbury is lovely, I love it there.

Jo Horswill said...

"a pub from the 17th century"
I wish...for that sense of history.
Having a "jolly" and "mooching" is exactly what I need to do to, too!
Annette, I so enjoy reading your wonderful posts...I also like the idea of a dimly lit dining room!!!
Where is the photo of that pudding?

Carol Stocker said...

Annette, your photos make me feel like I am right there with you! Splendid! Have a great stay in Glastonbury, I'll be awaiting the photos. Your friend, Carol

Carol Stocker said...

Annette, one other looks like there are "spirits" in your photo of the Market Hall. I see one large one above the left-hand open arch, one to the right of the righ-hand arch and one in the window up and to the right...Am I crazy? hmmm...wondering. Hugs, Carol

Robyn said...

I love the look of that inn!Beautiful!

hippopip said...

Hi Annette ,Found you through Val`s blog,have you got Harris`s guide to Cathedrals & churches? if not would you like it we have got to make a start on downsizing,Pippa from Stroud EG

Anonymous said...

What lovely charming places! Thank you for photographing and posting them!

Gwen Buchanan said...

I would have loved to go with you if I ever got over the fear of getting on an airplane.. so alas I will live through you on your journey.. and I am enthralled by the wool market building.. I love spinning and I can just imagine way back when the place full of fleece.. oh glory!!

your pictures of the garden running along the side. so charming ad inviting!!