Thursday, 24 July 2008

A walk around Glastonbury.

I wonder, would you like to come with me on a walk around Glastonbury? It's not too far and all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes, I've got a flask of tea and some apples to share. . .

To tempt you, here is a glimpse of Glastonbury Tor.

To set the scene, I must tell you that this is a special place. The landscape itself is full of mystery, the tor is believed by many to be sacred, the entrance to the 'otherworld'. It is certainly a powerful place, with a quite unique atmosphere.
This is the legendary Isle of Avalon, last resting place of King Arthur and his Queen, Guinevere.

It is also 'A Christian sanctuary, so ancient that only legend can record it's origin'.(In the words of the Pitkin guide)

Well, we'd better make a start. The countryside is wearing it's very best clothes at the moment, must be all the rain we've had. Hope you don't mind , but Rowan's coming too.
I think it would be nice to start our walk at Wick, a hamlet ,just over the hill from the town.

Here we find Gog and Magog, known locally as 'The Old Oaks'. They are centuries old and wrapped in myths and tradition.
In the legend, these are the last remaining trees of the great avenue which lined the ceremonial path the priestesses of Avalon would take up , over the hill, to the tor

I've been visiting here for years and now I'm sad to see that Gog (above) is quite dead. Magog is still surviving, but only just.

We have to climb the fence here, to get a closer look and talk to the trees. There are always bits of pretty ribbon and thread tied about the branches and treasures, such as shiny stones or shells hidden in the crevices of the trunks.

We might be lucky and get serenaded by someone with a flute or drums.

I met a young man here,a few years ago who told me of his life as a charcoal burner and whittler of dreams. He pointed down the lane to his home, a funny little van, with a chimney coming out of the roof. Apparently, he travelled the countryside finding work when he could, and whittling wood into things from his dreams when life was quiet.I wonder what became of him?

With our backs to the old trees, we head off, up the hill. This path is called Paradise Lane.So I can truly say I walked in Paradise.

Rowan loves it and the views are wonderful

That's the Cheddar Gorge you can see in the far distance.

Now we get another peep at the tor, then it's downhill through a sunken lane called Wick Hollow, where the tree roots are a bit spooky.

Shall we stop now and have a cup of tea before we go into the town to see the Abbey and King Arthur's grave? Let's rest and think a while. . . .


Jo Horswill said...

Don't need any tempting...absolutely count me in.
Let's go...

Annette, I'm enchanted by your beautiful posting.
An absolute thrill and honour to read!
You live in a magical part of the world...and I can feel the magic from here.
Oh, Gog and Magog! I could just cry!
I can hear the flute and see the young man too...

Thankyou :)

KernowWitch said...

Hi Annette, you visited my fav place, Glastonbury Tor. I have always been drawn to it, a magical place.....enjoyed the cup of tea by the Chrissy x

Gwen Buchanan said...

The majesty "Gog and Magog" must have been in their prime...

As I came on your walk, I was accompanied by our 4 dogs, in varying shapes and sizes. If there is an adventure to be had, they are always ready for it!!

Annette, You are the best story-teller!!!

I love seeing these far-off places through your eyes.. it was delightful.... thank you again!!

sharon young said...

One of my most favourite places too, Annette, thank you so much for the invitation, I learnt things I didn't know. I bet the trees could tell some wonderful stories, shame we don't speak their language.
Glastonbury itself is a lovely town, full of wonderful book shops.

Annette said...

Jo - thank you, you are so kind and encouraging! Hope you enjoy the next part of the walk.

Chrissy - so glad you came, it is a special place isn't it! We'll have another cuppa later.

Gwen - thank you so much, glad you came! How Rowan would love to run and chase with your four dogs!

Sharon - It's such a lovely place, I'm pleased you could come.!

TammyVitale said...

Gog and MaGog are beautiful (even Gog in death) - what kind of trees are they?

tumbleweed said...

here's the comment i tried to add yesterday (but my computer had a nissy fit)...

thanks for visiting my blog...especially as i 've now discovered yours, by following the trail of breadcrumbs back through the woods. i wandered Britain with a bag on my back some 25 years ago..your pictures brought back many lovely memories
best wishes
india (the tumbleweed)

Annette said...

Tammy - Thank you, Gog and Magog are so special, they are Oak trees from a forgotten age.

India - I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the photos and the memories.