Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The postman brought me an invitation today, to a new exhibition by two artists in the Campden Gallery, at Chipping Campden, a small Cotswold town, not far from here. (You can download the catalogue from the link above.)

The picture above left is by Bohuslav Barlow , who's group of oil paintings is called 'The Garden of Wasted Things', after the poem 'Magpie' by Robert S Warshaw. (I'll put the poem at the end of this post.)
At first I thought the pictures were dark and strange, but after reading the poem which is beautifully sad, I think they are dark and strange but fascinating and very thought provoking.

The other artist is a sculptor, Christopher Gornall. The picture below is a piece called 'Girl Meditating' and she has held me spellbound all day. . . What do you think?

I'm hoping to go and see the exhibition next week with a friend, no doubt we'll pop across the road to the Bantam Tearoom for something terribly fattening to eat. It can be hard work enjoying yourself.

'The Winter Flag'

'The Magpie' by Robert S Warshaw 1933

I walked one day in the Garden of Wasted Things,

And there I found the bitter ghosts of all that had been spent unwisely,

Or lost through brutal circumstance.

I found the childhood

That some labourer's child had never known;

I found the youth that some young man had squandered;

There I found some poet's genius that had gone unrecognised.

I saw the ghost of idle words and small talk,

That men had used to waste away the hours.

I saw the hopes that had been smothered,

And all the dreams that never had come true,

And laughter that had died for lack of bread.

I met with all the lives that had been misdirected,

And spoke with dreary shades

of loves that might have been,

And songs that never had been sung,

I met with all these ghosts,

And many more;

And each of them

Sat silently in the shadows,

Brooding over quirks of mad Creation,

And puppet's dreams.


Jo Horswill said...

Deepest breath, after reading
"The Magpie"...Thank you Annette, for sharing this oh so moving poem...and artwork. Please do have something fattening to eat!!!
I might even join you, from across the globe!

Annette said...

Jo - Thank you. Mine's a fresh cream apple turnover. What do you fancy?

Anonymous said...

Annette...I'll be there for the fresh cream apple turnover!

Robyn said...

I love Christpher Gornall's sculpture! Thanks so much for posting this and introducing me to a new sculptor. The exciting thing is I have actually been to Campden Gallery (on our last trip to the UK)

Annette said...

Mibsy - right ho honey, that's two apple turnovers, with a pot of tea of course.

Robyn - Fancy you knowing Campden Gallery! Did you know it used to be the most amazing needlework shop, until a few years ago?...And it has a ghost.. . .