Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Martin's Haven and Wizo the Fleming.

This pretty spot is called Martin's Haven , it lies about 10 miles or so to the west of Haverfordwest. Now, to really get the atmosphere, indulge me please, you need to close your eyes and imagine the strong salty breeze blowing through your hair and bringing the sound of many thousands of sea birds from the island of Skomer, just off shore.
This is a treacherous coastline and in times past, pilgrims who had travelled by sea would land here before continuing their journey by land to St. David's.
Not far from the beach is this stone, mounted in the wall by the National Trust. I don't know if you can make out the cross with a circle around it, the picture isn't too good.

It could have been a marker for a place of prayer, to give thanks for a safe voyage or perhaps to show the safe way overland. Either way, I think it's beautiful, it felt smooth and warm to touch, quite 'otherworldly'.(Did I just make up a new word?)

Don't know what the people coming out of the nearby public toilets thought of strange woman stroking stone.

To the east of Haverfordwest is the village of Wiston, which is on an ancient pilgrim route .The church was founded in the 12th. century by (I haven't made this up, honest.) Wizo the Fleming.

What an amazing name, he was obviously a very busy man though, because not only did he build the church and do lots of good deeds, he must have upset some people because he had to build a castle , just a few yards away, to defend his lands. Good old Wizo.

I love the odd shape of the porch entrance.
I am sorry if this is turning into some sort of weird history blog, I'll get back to textiles next time.( I think.) Here's all that's left of Wizo's pad, worth climbing the steps though, for the views across Pembrokeshire. I collected a huge amount of 'stuff' whilst on my Welsh foray, loads of leaflets, 3 books about Welsh churches, 200 photos,of church doors ,strange stone beasties, grass growing out of walls etc., normal holiday souvenirs. . .

The problem I now have is, well, organising it all. I thought I was being clever and bought Photoshop to help me. Ho ho. It's made my brain hurt and now I feel obliged to learn how to use it when what I want to do is hide it and pretend it isn't there. Ah well, perhaps I'll do some sewing instead.


Jo Horswill said...

Annette, thank you once again for a magnificent post!!! I love all this beautiful history...and Martin's Haven...I felt that 'salty breeze'...bliss.
You can see, that amazing stone, has had allot of stroking over the years...I like the word 'otherwordly', may I use it sometime?

Annette said...

Jo - Bless you, of course you can!

Robyn said...

Great stone! I have a thing for stones so I would be there stroking it too if I could. LOL. Very unusual porch entrance. Thanks for sharing.

Jo Horswill said...

Annette...I am awarding you with the Brillante Weblog Award...have a look at my site, and if you want too, you can pass it on to weblogs who inspire you! regards Jo

sharon young said...

Fabulous post Annette, I loved the reference to Skomer, trying to persuade my OH to go there next year (or maybe this) for the puffins as it's bit nearer than Nothumberland.
If you're interested and can get it bbc 1 Wales is doing a prog "Not in my nature" 7.30 friday featuring Skomer, my son is the editor on this series, that's how I know it's on.
I love all the historical information, thanks so much for taking the trouble to blog it all.

Robyn said...

Hey Annette, there's an award for you back at my blog.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Annette,
I just came to your blog from Robyns and I am so delighted I did!!! the scenery and ancient structures are simply beautiful..
...and the little shoes in your header are exquisite to the nth degree!!!!!they are just luscious!!!

thank-you, gwen in canada

Annette said...

Gwen - I'm glad you came too! Thank you so much.