Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Fogs and Logs.

I was reading Gwen's lovely blog, 'Desideratum', where she has been talking about fog, the kind that drifts in off the sea.
It made me think of some strange fog we had here a few years ago.
I took the pictures below in November, standing on the top of Cleeve Hill near Cheltenham. If you have ever seen Cheltenham Races on the t.v., these hills are the ones you see behind the racecourse.
In the distance you can see the line of the Malvern Hills.
The thickest fog settled all over the lower ground for two days, while up on the hill the sun shone beautifully, turning the fog into an ocean of waves and ripples.

It was the most surreal experience, even though my brain knew it was fog, my eyes saw the ocean.
I managed to catch the sun, about to set and if you look carefully at the picture, just above the foreground, that spec in the fog to the left, is the top of a high rise office block.

And now for something completely different. . . . a log pile, discovered by Rowan.


Anonymous said...

great photos - it does look like the ocean. I love the lichen covered logs.

Guzzisue said...

amazing, reminds me of going up through the clouds when riding up the mountain passes

sharon young said...

That must have been an eerie experience , the fog looks very strange.
You've definitely got a textile orientated dog there to find you something that gorgeous!!
Forget the truffling pig he's much more valuable :-)

Annette said...

Paula - Thank you. I've been enjoying your fruity stitching too!

guzzisue - mmm, mountain passes, motorbikes,clouds, I want to do that!

Sharon - Thanks, I think Rowan is obsessed by bits of wood, She collects sticks all the time.Maybe she's trying to make her own logpile. .

Jo Horswill said...

Love the 'sea of fog', dreamlike and magical.
Annette, I live about 600m above sea level, here on my mountain, and occasionally experience this wonder too...
Beautiful photographs.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Ohhhhhh Annette, This photograph leaves me spell-bound.. Utter mystery and beauty, like a dream.. when I saw it I just leaned back in my chair and's magical!

and you were very thoughtful to mention my blog... Thank you so much..