Monday, 28 July 2008

A bevy of beauties.

I've been having such fun lately, corresponding with Gwen, about fog and asparagus. Have a look at her blog and you'll see what I mean.
Anyway, you see, there is a connection between that and this post because I sent Gwen a picture of Mike's Grandfather's asparagus knife and it got me thinking about dear old granddad.
He was such an interesting man, Ernest Parriss, born in 1896 and he died in 1979.. He was an educated, country gentleman and he lived through an age of war and great changes.

Ernest fought in the first war, on the Somme in France and then in Northern Italy. Whilst he travelled he kept a diary and collected postcards, photographs ,maps and all sorts of things.

This collection is in my care, and when I am feeling in the right frame of mind ( please bear in mind that this is pretty heart rending stuff) I take a peep, back in time.

There are folded maps of where the front line fighting was, details of the weather, food enjoyed and friends lost.

There are also piles of pictures of lovely ladies! I thought you might like to see some of them.

Who were these ladies, and I wonder, what were their lives like?
My particular favourite is the beauty, above left with the laced bodice and stripes of ribbon on her skirt.
Can you see the pin-hole in the top of the picture? I like to imagine that Ernest pinned this picture to the wall, beside his bunk.
From the costume I think she may be Austrian, I want to imagine her a name, can anyone help me?
I have used this image several times in my artwork and I feel it would be good to introduce her properly and then I'm sure I will find a story for her.

Those little asterisks are to celebrate my receiving this award today!
It's called the Wylde Woman Award, which I thought was a real hoot as I have been called something similar on more than one occasion.
I'd like to say thank you to Carol who gave me the award, bless you.
The award is given to women who brighten your day!
The rules are - It can be passed on to as many people as you wish.
- Link to the Wylde woman who started this!
So here goes, the lady who always makes me laugh, a truly Wylde Woman is Paula at The Beauty of Life.


Anonymous said...

thank you - Ive never been called a wylde woman before!! great photos - its interesting trying to imagine the stories of the unknown people in the old photos isnt it

Gwen Buchanan said...

Annette, I'm sure if he knew, Mike's grandfather would be so happy that you were caring for bits and pieces of his life that were obviously very important to him. It is interesting also to see the various fashions these ladies choose to be photographed in and the props, as having a picture taken back then must have been quite an special event...

Thanks for sharing and Congratulations on your Wylde Woman award. It is really beautiful!

Robyn said...

I have a feeling her name is Theresa. Don't ask me just flashed through my mind.

Jo Horswill said...

Annette, whilst I was away last weekend, with my girfriends, we too spoke of our parents and grandparents heritage...Oh some interesting stories....
These photo's are amazing.
Hmmm, not very good with Austrian names...but she could be 'Emmalina'!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos and I DO understand how heart rending it can be to delve into the past...but thank you for sharing these photos with us!

KernowWitch said...

Congrats on the ward Annette....Love the photos. I know what you mean about wanting to know the names. They say every picture tells a story and these sure do it's just a shame we can't hear them...who knows someone reading this blog may be able to tell Chrissy x

TammyVitale said...

Congrats on the award - and I love your musing about the postcard women. I do that all the time - postcards, people I pass on the road driving, old houses. Especially old houses - I want to hear their stories!

Ravenhill said...

Many congratulations on your award! It is so well deserving! Your entire blog is so enchanting with such beauty! Your photographs are quite spectacular! I hope to read here regularly!

Arija said...

Annette your mystery girl may well have been your namesake, literally translated it means nice Annie, who knows, your grandfather may even have suggested it! Her dress seems more Austro-Hungarian or Black Forest. Next time the spirit moves you check out where he was stationed, you may find more clues.
My daughter and husband have pressured me into writing tales from my childhood during ww 2 of flight, fear and famine. As memories waken while writing I sometimes assume the armour of a small, but determined, hedgehog. I fully understand that delving into the past can be heartwrenching. Best of luck on your pilgrimage.

Annette said...

Thank you all so much for your comments and suggestions for a name for the girl in grandfather's picture.

Arija - Grandfather was stationed near to the Austro - Hungarian border and he certainly has pictures of Hungarian soldiers in full dress uniform, so you are probably right.
I understand that the past can be a dark place and I think taking the guise of a hedgehog is a grand idea! In fact I'm going to try it!xx