Sunday, 15 June 2008

Rowan says 'Hi'

Rowan thought it was time she said 'Hi', as this was supposed to be her blog. . . .

So here she is appearing in a supervisory role whilst peering through the door of our caravan.

Just look what I found, in the meadow where we walk Rowan. So we had to go back again with the camera to take photos of Bee Orchids. This was fine , me crawling on my tum in the long grass much to the amusement of Mike and another dog walker. Something very small bit me in several delicate places, art isn't easy eh?

A nice quiet afternoon followed, sort of. Phoebe invited Nanny and Grandad for tea and Smarties.


Anonymous said...

Rowan is beautiful(so is Phoebe!) I like needlework blogs with flowers and dogs and other bits.

KernowWitch said...

Hi Rowan & Phoebe,you look like you are both having fun in the sun!! Tell your mummy that I think her designs are beautiful & magical...Hugs Chrissy x

Annette said...

Oh Chrissy! How kind you are!
But now I feel that I may have mislead you about little miss sunshine,my fault entirely.Of course, I was a child bride, but darling Phoebe is my grandaughter.
There now, I feel better! love Annette.x

Anonymous said...

Hello Annette...your Rowan looks quite similar to our Lucy! Lucy is a mixed breed, we adopted her when she was a year old so I do not know what she is exactly, but she is very smart and a fast runner.