Thursday, 12 June 2008

Making Bookwraps

It's taken me a while, but here are the instructions for making the Bookwraps I showed you in a previous post., this post is specially for Carol Stocker. ,have fun Carol!

My aim here is to make a textile bookwrap using very basic materials and lots of imagination, so here's the recipe.

How much fabric? _ Measure around the middle of your chosen book one and a half times, this is the length of your bookwrap. Then measure the height of the book plus an inch or so, this is the width.

Calico - (Dyed with coffee )In a large bowl, mix about 8 teaspoons of coffee with a mug of boiling water. Add the calico and soak for a few minutes. Wring out some of the liquid and then place the wet fabric on a baking tray in a moderate oven. Bake for about 15 minutes , then turn over and repeat. The fabric needs to be in a crumpled heap, not flat. Don't leave the room or you might have a fire! Hang out to dry and watch your neighbours faces!

Cut or tear the fabric to your measurements, you'll need two pieces.(One is for the lining)

Black Felt- Cut one piece slightly smaller than your measurements, so it doesn't show.

Chiffon -could be black, or whatever goes with your colour scheme.

Paper- This could be newspaper painted with coffee, oiled paper, try brown wrapping paper or photocopies (just rub Almond oil, available from the chemist, into the paper and it morphs into something completely different, lovely semi- translucent papers that will take stitch. Best thing is , it also makes your hands lovely and soft!)

On the left of the picture below you can see the papers before the oil was rubbed in.

Place the felt, flat on the table and cover with one piece of calico. Then tear strips of paper and pin in place .Next, cover the whole thing with chiffon and pin into place.
Now, using quite a wide stitch, machine the chiffon,strips of paper, calico and felt together.
You could use hand stitching and use decorative threads instead.

The next step is to zap the chiffon with a heat gun, careful though because the paper resists the heat so you might need to snip the chiffon in those areas to help things along.

When you're happy with your work, turn it over so that the felt is uppermost and pin the lining in place. I usually hand stitch this in place, about a quarter inch from the edge.
Do you want to add a 'belt' around the Bookwrap? Here are some ideas.

Or perhaps some cords to hold the wrap in place.

On some of my bookwraps, I've transferred photocopied images onto the calico before adding the paper strips. I also did this to make the 'belt' in the picture at the start of this post.

These are just a few suggestions, I'd love to see what you can come up with!


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. I have just found your blog via altering thoughts. I love your fairy shoes - i was admiring them in Stitch magazine a little while ago

Sue B said...

Hi Annette, I came across your blog and fantastic work just recently. Your work is wonderful!

Annette said...

Thank you Sue, I am honoured to get such a comment.

Purple Missus said...

Hi Annette, Couldn't reply personally because of 'no-reply blogger' :)
Just wanted to say a big thank you, not only for your comments but also for the link to your blog with all your wonderful work - and such detailed explainations too.
Have admired your fairy shoes since I first saw them - reluctantly admit to having a 'thing' about fairies - and was over the moon when Pippa sent me the ones she had made.
A belated welcome to the world of blogging and I very much look forward to seeing even more of your work.

sharon young said...

What a great idea, and your instructions are really great, we are so lucky with the generosity of bloggers, it's like doing loads of different workshops all in one go.
I love the finished wrap.

Homeleightigger said...

Hi Annette - Your bookwraps look wonderful, and thanks so much for the tutorial - just what I need for my altered garden book. Could I use sunflower oil instead of almond oil do you think, for the oiled paper (or would it smell too bad!) Val

Annette said...

Hi Val, thank you so much!
Now, about the sunflower oil. . . I don't think so, I'm pretty sure it will deteriorate and begin to smell!
Your garden book is looking lovely by the way!
best wishes, Annette.

Carol Stocker said...

Hi Annette! So SO SOOO thriled with your tutorial for the bookwraps...and I finally got my new sewing machine out of the box this is that for good timing. I LOVE your blog and the way you write. Huge hugs, Carol xoxo

Robyn said...

I'm not a fibre artist but I'm enjoying your tutorials and I love the photographs on this post.