Thursday, 22 May 2008

More about my visit to Chester

The workshop I did at Chester was on making 'Bookwraps', they are rectangular, textile wraps to keep precious things safe.

Some of the girls at Chester Guild.

Here are some of the Bookwraps they made, using mainly coffee dyed calico, felt chiffon,newsprint, oiled photo copies and brown paper.

I love how the imagination takes off, especially using some really quite basic materials.


Carol Stocker said...

Annette, I would love to take a class on this...these covers are gorgeous and the techniques for all the elements sound great! Hugs, Carol

catworx said...

Hi Annette,
This looks like a fabulous class, I love the way the book covers look & would love to learn how to do this!
BTW, your blog looks wonderful and I would love to link to it, if you don't mind!
Here's the link to my blog, I'd love if you'd link back & stop by sometime :D

Laura said...

Hi Annette,

Oh, how I wish that we didn't live on opposite sides of the "pond"!! I love textile art! If you ever come to the states to do classes you must let me know. I love these book covers! They are fabulously rich.


Kim said...

Welcome to the land of Blog Annette - I look forward to visiting you often! The book covers are beautiful - the top one reminded me a bit of what one would see on the inside of a seashell. :)

Kim said...

Annette - I hate to sound thick here - but is the name of your blog Rowans Patch or Fairy Shoes and Other Things , lol? I'm torn - the one is on your URL but the other is with your header , and I'm trying to add you to my blog roll. Just thought it would be nice if I got it right , lol.
If you would let me know , my email is - thank you!

Kathryn said...

I love all of these pieces! I'm doing a foundation year and I've chosen to specialise in fashion & textiles, so the pieces are just fantastic for inspiration!
If you don't mind I might place some of your work in my sketchbook, with credits of course...?

annette emms said...

Kathryn - thank you so much. I would be very pleased for you to use my work in your sketchbook.
I'm sure you will have a fantastic career ahead of you, good luck!