Thursday, 26 August 2010


Well. . . . . I don't know how I've done it, but I've managed to do something very silly (not unusual!)
I recently re-directed any readers of my blog to a new place and. . . I. . er . . .seem to have deleted it!
Can't believe I've done this, I want to go and hide in the corner.
Has anyone else deleted an entire blog? Ho ho, learn please, from my mistake!

However, I've moved myself back to dear old Blogger, can't think why I left anyway!
This is where I feel at home, so follow me please, I'm just around the corner at

Hope to see you there, oh. . . I promise to stop wandering and stay put! xxx Annette

Monday, 19 July 2010

New Life, New Blog!

Lots and lots of changes have happened in my life, most of them good and I've decided to make a fresh start with a new blog.
With total lack of imagination, I've called it Annette Emms - Textiles and Tales
I'm not good with the technical side of things, so please bare with me. . .
I hope that you will join me on my new blog here.

Hope to see you soon!xx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

It's been a funny week here at Rowanspatch. . . . but I thought I'd share these pictures with you, then I must get back to pulling wallpaper off the walls. I know how to have fun!
Newly 'hatched' , caterpillar like bracken, uncurling before my eyes . . . .
The darling , baby buds of Apple blossom.
Lost in the fairy world again, such perfect, fleeting magic . . . .my most favourite flower , the Bluebell.

Talk about "every picture tells a story"!
I don't know what mischief Rowan had been involved in but the dirty nose and guilty look tell me somethings up. . . . and why does she think I can't see her behind those Bluebells?
Imagine having to pull myself away from the bluebells to tackle the decorating of my sitting room?Well, never mind . . . . I'm going off to deepest Shropshire for a couple of days with the lovely ladies of the Marches Embroiderers Guild.
Looking forward to it so much, see you soon! x

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Dressing up for Spring.

Isn't it wonderful, how the woods dress themselves up for Spring? They seem to put on layers, a bit like us really . . . some shining, bright green, new leaves to brighten up a dark corner . . .

Hazel and hawthorn dressing up for May. . . .
Here and there , the blossom dancing on the breeze. . . . .

Poking through the dead leaves,the clever little Wood Anenomes, whose sweet faces follow the sun and close at night. . . Sweet Violets , favourite of Bees and Butterflies.

All the while, Rowan ran , crashing through the trees, coming back now and then to tell us what she'd seen and of course, to make sure we were still around.

Last week, Phoebe and I had a picnic in our local park, which is also dressed in it's very best clothes!

I did get on with some work last week, making some clothes for the Guardian of the Holy Wells on the Malvern Hills.

I'm trying to make some books which open to reveal the story of the wells, and a hiding place for the guardian's things. . haven't quite worked it all out yet. . . time is short, the builders are back and everythings upside down again. . .help!

I know. . . I'll take Rowan over the fields, that's bound to help!

Monday, 19 April 2010

100 blog posts . . . and the winner is . . .

So much has happened while Rowan and I have been residing at 'Fairy Shoes and Other Things', can't quite believe we're on our 100th post!

So today I wrote the names of all the lovely people who left comments on my last post and put them into my purple velvet bag. The winner to receive a copy of my Fairy Shoes pattern.

I did think about getting Rowan to pick one out. . .but thought better of it. . . so the winner is . . . Dawn! Who's most interesting blog is at The Feathered Nest
Do visit her there , you will find much to fascinate!

Congratulations to you Dawn and as soon as this troublesome volcanic ash lets us return to normal, I'll get this little package off to you!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Fairy Shoes Pattern Giveaway!

This is my 99th blog post and to celebrate I'm going to give a gift of my Fairy Shoes Pattern !
Winner to be announced on my (can't believe it!) 100th post.
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and I will do the ' pick a name from the hat' thing .

In the meantime, I've found an intriguing poetry book.

I was working at the Court Barn Museum and spotted this little gem in the shop.

'Walking the Block' is a poetic biography of the lives and work of Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher.
They met after the 1st World War and worked together making the most wonderful handblock printed textiles using mainly natural dyes.
The book has lots of pictures of their work.
Here's a sample of the goodies inside. . . .
'Natural Dye Colours' by Jane Weir
After reading and re reading
Bancroft's descriptions -
he reads like Tolstoy -
for the use and application
of iron rust, I took my chance,
experimented with recipes
for iron black, powdered oak galls,
cutch brown. Haven't you guessed?
Delved even deeper into Indigo.
I signed up to natural linen cloth,
short lengths and colour combinations
which gave me courage and strength -
like a frontier family - to carry on.
And the result? I turned a corner
into infinity, and it was like something
you'd dreamed, seeing
wild flowers in a field far outstrip rapeseed.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

I love Angels and I've been finding lots of them lately.

Here . . .. . . . . . in the churchyard of Patrishow church, set in a most magical valley not far from Abergavenny.

Here . . . . .

and here, inside the pretty church at Cwmyoy , set in another magical Welsh valley.

This is Cwmyoy (pronounced cumyoy, if that helps at all!) church.
The land on which the building sits has, over the centuries, been prone to landslips and so the little church is all this way and that. No two bits of it are at right angles to the next.
What a delight to discover these remote and beautiful places and it's all thanks to a lovely lady I met some years ago at Stroud Embroiderers Guild. (Have a look at her blog 'Hippopip')
After she had listened to a talk I gave she came to a workshop the next day and gave me a wonderful book.
It's called 'The Celtic Christian Sites of the Central and Southern Marches'. by Sarah and John Zaluckyj.
Now, I know that title doesn't slip easily off the tongue but if 'church crawling' is your thing. . . or you just love a treasure hunt, then you will love this book as much as I do!
It has been so good to get out in the sunshine , I've done a fair bit of travelling around lately, met some new friends at the Embroiderers Guilds at Solihull and at Oswestry.
I'm working on some pieces for an exhibition at Ledbury in the summer, here's a page from my sketch book.
I'm trying to clothe the guardians of the Holy Wells on the Malvern Hills . . . . wish me luck!

Lots of positive things have been happening, must be the Spring, or the Angels at work.
Mike has got his job back. Such a relief after a very bleak winter.
My son Nick and his partner, Josi are expecting a baby in August. I don't think I've ever seen two people so excited at the prospect of becoming parents!
This last picture slipped down and should have been with the welsh ones above.
It shows a remarkable Yew tree at Bettws Newydd, near Usk.
It's huge and reported to be about 4000 years old.
The whole place is remarkable, there is even a connection to King Arthur!